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How would you guys recommend I handle this?

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I reported earlier in the week that mom's leg is not working, which makes it almost impossible to walk. I was at her house tonight and she was walking around her room by holding onto furniture and walls. She has some feeling in her toetips, they are really sore from hitting them. Her leg is dragging.

Stepdad asked me to take her to my son's soccer game this Saturday bc he has made other plans. I am totally OK with it, I want her there, always has been and I want her there. We have fun rooting on the 5 year olds!! The field where he plays is a far walk, so how do I handle getting her there? Should I try to hold her arm (I am so afraid of another fall bc of her bone fracture from the last fall)? Should I bring along the wheelchair I have in my garage and offer it? Should I just say OK, mom, here is a wheelcahir, we're going on a ride?

I want to do what she wants, what makes her feel comfortable, with dignity. Any help and advice would be much appreciated. Love, Lori

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Take the wheelchair with you...and tell her you're so afraid of a fall and broken bones you want her to agree to use it till you get to the stands. Then maybe she can sit on one of the lower benches on the stands...at the end.

You know, hubby and I are planning a trip out to Oregon late in Sept. after my next chemo...and if I have to use a wheelchair to get thru the airport...I will do it gladly. My stamina is not good right now...after radiation...and so I have no shame about using a wheelchair OR one of those little carts that airport employees truck people around in.

Whatever it takes to achieve the goal. Your mom isn't up to a long hike these days...so convince her in advance, if you can, that she needs the wheelchair.

Good luck to you. Let us know if she agrees.

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hi Lori.

I understand your trepidations. There is a psychologial avoidance of a wheelchair the first time it is needed. It was scary for me to use one. I tried everything I could think of so that I wouldn't have to use it. If I think of it as a temporary solution to an immediate problem, I have better luck getting myself in a wheelchair. However, if I "think" that "if" I use it and won't get out, why, that is just wrong thinking.

I have a walker now that I use often. I use it most of the time, but not all of the time. I love it!!! What would I do without it??? I would not be able to get out at all!

I also use those electric carts for groceries. That was another mental hurdle for me to cross. At first I was very self conscious. Now, you best get outta my way, cuz I am comin' blarin' down the aisles! beep beep!

I use it when I can't breathe, or too weak. Otherwise, I will push a cart for exercise and stability whenever I feel up to that. Now that I have my breath back, I hope to depend less on wheels and more on getting my strength back by using those puny little muscles that are in there somewhere. I'll get them big and buff again!

As far as the leg stuff that your mom is experiencing. There is definitely something very serious going on. If she loses bladder or bowel control, be sure to get her to the ER, PRONTO!

Best with this Lori and all else.

love, Cindi o'h

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You have been given some great advice...my husband has dealt with spinal cord injuries before the dx of LC, so this has been something brewing in our home for some time.

We have three canes, a walker, crutches, an old outdoor scooter and a nice indoor electric wheelchair, and he still WALKS as much as he can. But ever since he brought along his outdoor scooter for a time where there would be alot of outdoor walking, he has used it ever since. Now here at home he still walks as much as possible, but once he got a taste of how much he enjoyed himself on an outing without having to constantly worry about things, like how far the bathroom is, we have had many more enjoyable outings.

So with your mother it may help to say you want to enjoy your day together without her hurting or getting tired so easliy and you would be honored to be her chaffeur for the day...

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I hope you can tell your mom, for all of us,that sometimes on this journey you have to take measures to conserve your energy. There have been times when I had to grab the wheel chair to push Mike until he could regain his strength and walk on his own. It's the nature of the treatment to knock the props out from under you until you get back up and go again. My best to you and your mom.



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