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Getting to Know You - September 9


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Both of us love storms. When it starts to get dark and cloudy, and thunder starts we go out to our porch and watch it. If is so exciting to us.

If Joel could he would love to be a storm chaser. It is also very exciting watching the upcoming storms on TV. Not the aftermath when it reeks havoc on a city, that is disasterous. :shock: That just breaks our hearts, but for some reason it just gets our adrenaline flowing to watch it unfold.

I wonder what we were in a previous life? :roll:


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definitly cool!

When I hear a storm coming I open the windows. I used to get in the car and go, but that is when I drove la bombas. Love, thunder! lightning, rain, hail, sleet,blizzards, snow, winds, all of it. As long as I feel safe, I am all right. I will go to the basement if my instincts tell me to though.

Love the sky watch.

Cindi o'h

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I've spent most of my life in Oklahoma, in the heart of tornado alley, and I LOVE storms. Now, I certainly don't want to wish destruction on anyone, but seeing the sky alive with lightning, hearing the thunder roll, seeing sheets of rain blow in out of the blue...it really gets my blood pumping. Our years in MN, with only one or two 'good' thunderstorms a spring just felt flat to me.

Jimmy Buffett says that, "The sound of the weather is heaven's ragtime band." I love that!

:) Kelly

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I love it right before it storms I like to go out and feel the wind, but if it gets severe I find them scary. My BIL always wanted to see a tornado and then one day while golfing he saw one coming. He said he was sorry he got his wish and never wants to see another. Fortunately no one was hurt but several of the cars in the parking lot were tossed about.

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I've always enjoyed storms and rainy days, as a matter of fact. I'm the crazy lady at the store buying up all the goodies for the hurricane party, but I'm also the one that is sitting here during it saying "oh my God, Oh my God." There's something so awesome about all that energy . I love snowstorms, thunderstorms and hurricanes. Ry, I'm the other crazy woman out there searching the sky for the tornadoes, but it's a rare event here . I love looking for rainbows also.


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