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Done with the surgery!


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Well, my FIL's surgery was yesterday. I was not with him, but will be going tonight after work.

I think that they may have run into a few unexpected things, but overall it was a success.

They took almost 50% of the lung, vs about 1/3 that they thought they would take. The tumor was very close to the middle section, so they took the upper and part of the middle. I guess that they had to "staple the heck" out of the upper part that was left to keep it in place, which may mean that he could have some complications and have the chest tube longer.

Unfortunately, they were not able to fix the hiatal hernia..apparently it is something better fixed from the bottom up than the top down. His upper part of the lung was bigger than the bottom, which is abnormal, but they think due to the hernia.

They said that he was a stage III, but that because it was "clinically inapparent" (I have never heard these words before, but I think it means because he really wasn't having symptoms) that it was more closer to a stage II.

I guess that he is doing well this morning - sitting up in a chair, ate a little bit, etc. So, that is really terrific news!

Thanks for all your well wishes and prayers for my FIL as he goes through this process.

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