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Have you ever had elevated Ferritin levels?


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My Onco's off ran some iron studies and everything came back normal except Ferritin. 715 was my result, range is 10-232.

I just didn't understand what Ferratin is or why mine is elevated when they explained things.

Has anyone had elevatin Ferratin levels? Do you have any idea what that really means?

I was taking iron suppliments at the time of the test but they have since told me to stop. The day of this test my Hgb was 9.1 and my Hct was 26.9 I had also recieved Procrit 4 days prior (have no idea if this has anything to do with Ferratin but thought I would tell you anyway).

Thanks and hoping all are well.


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I assume they looked at, and have ruled out hemachromatosis...too much iron in the blood?

Basically ferritin is iron in the blood. I guess this, combined with your low HGB and HCT could cause fatigue...but I don't know that it would account for any of the other symptoms you've had, Jen.

I know a guy here and one of DH's cousins has hemachromatosis...and basically the treatment for it (as I understand it) is that they periodically have to have blood removed in order to get the excess iron out.

But again...I would think if they suspected this..they'd have told you. Still it's something you can ask about.

Hope they track down what's going on so you can FEEL better, Jen...and SOON!

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Yes, they said thats not it. They said Ferratin is the storing of iron, but my actual blood levels were fine.

I just didn't get why I am storing so much and what are the associated issues with it. So,. I thought I'd post and see if anyone else has had this. My liver tests are perfect so its not liver damage.

They said they would re-run them next week.

My actual RBC is still low.

Ferritin is normally found mainly inside of cells, with only a small amount in the blood. When there is damage to organs that contain ferritin (especially the liver, spleen, and bone marrow), ferritin levels can become elevated even though the total amount of iron in the body is normal. Ferritin levels may not be particularly helpful in persons with liver disease, chronic infections, cancers, or autoimmune diseases (which are all associated with organ damage).

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