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still in ICUQuick update:

Fay A.

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I think of you every day. And your prayers are working.

The tumoe w malignant. More on that in another post. I will not be here for the projected month. Maybe a few weeks. But things continue to goT well.

Please call if you like. I lost my card with phone numbers!

I was allowed to aat real food today!

I am saddened by the losses of Dean and Beth.

I am very happy to be opening my eyes each day.

love to you all

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So glad to hear that you're on the mend. I also hope that my card eventually caught up to you. Will continue to send prayers, don't you worry about that! As for you, solid food sounds good but I'm looking forward to when you can stop in Cindi's pub and have something R - E - A - L- L - Y good. Here's to a speedy recovery!

gail p-m

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Dearest Fay,

I am so glad you are opening up your eyes each day too!!!!!!!! Will be waiting to hear more when you can update us on the surgery. But for now, you are eating food and opening your eyes! For me today...it doesn't get much better than that!

Wishing you continued improvement, Fay. Prayers for things to turn out as good as they can! We are all pulling for you, Fay... praying real hard too!''



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Having just completed surgery myself, I am aware that if you are eating food that you have reported to the nurses that you have peed. That you have expelled flatus. Now, if you are a good little girl and give them a nice bowl movement, they will give you menu that is not soft diet! Lie if you have to!

Get well soon, Fay!

love, Cindi o'h

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Fay...sorry that the news wasn't more benign...but very glad the surgery is over for you.

Hope you feel a bit better each day, and get yourself home before the Chicken Cult arrives again. :wink:

Make sure they take excellent care of you. Tell 'em you're a star here at lchelp....and they're obligated to take special care of you! 8)

Heal. Then hurry back.

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