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Fay A.

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The good news (I hope) for your wife and others on Tarceva is that my new cancer is not BAC, but rather another form of Adenocarcinma not seen before by my Surgeon. I personally take comfort in knowing that this news may mean that your wife remains in remission. I'll write more when the computer is more friendly to one armed keyboarders.

Wishing you both well.

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Fay, first of all please know that I wish you a speedy recovery and great treatment to keep you strong.

But I hope this gives you a grin - when I saw you post, I thought you had named your tumor "Bill", and was going to comment on my approval of name choice - I have an ex-husband by that name...

I'm still working on my Christian forgiving skills :roll: .

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Well, I'm slow. :roll: Perhaps it is the decrease in my dose of Decadron....but today it finally hit me too, Fay has named her tumor Bill! :D

I have a friend out in Colorado who had thyroid cancer. She didn't even like to say the word "cancer" so she named it Charley! Whenever she talked about cancer, it was "Charley this" or "Charley that".

I hadn't really thought about doing that...but it's not a bad idea...is it, to name the little buggers? That way, I can curse and hex them individually! 8)

I have four tumors in my liver...so I could name them Leroy Liver, Lennie Liver, Lars Liver (he's the one with an accent :roll: ) and let's see...what'll I name the last one? How about Lester Liver?

As far as my brain tumors (which should now ALL be gone) I coulda named them the Mormon Tabernacle Choir! :?

Thanks Fay...and I'm glad to see so many of you were not only on the same track as I...but actually beat me to the punch! I must be slipping, eh...deprived as I am of Decadron. :roll::wink:

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