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suki update/return of the bunny


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hi all. I am back from running the roads all in one piece and SO happy I went.

first, the important stuff:

my mama suki is doing GREAT. just before I left (literally, that day) she saw the onc. who officially 86'd adjuvent chemo. she's just been through too much, she'd be too vulnerable. she'll go back to him in a month, and he's committed to starting her on Tarceva "when the dust clears".

she also saw the surgeon while I was gone and he was thrilled with her progress. the echo, chest x-ray and EKG were all great, which means her complications have all subsided. her lung looks good in the x-ray, and she's still on 2 liters of O2 but can wean as she feels comfortable. sat levels without O2 still in the high 80's so she'll wean slowly.

she had bruch with friends yesterday, and is talking about starting to drive again soon. GREAT, GREAT, GREAT. I just could not be happier about this.

now, THE TRIP:

Ry, Beth, Murrell's Inlet is awesome. we ended up at a place called Creek Ratz (next to the Dead Dog, which was packed) and fell in love with it. great food, live music and what a setting! all in all we had a great week. I saw the outer banks, charleston, and lots of beach, beach and more beach. we rode on some beautiful, southern, country roads - trees draped with spanish moss, boggy looking streams. it was beautiful. ate enough fried seafood and crabcakes to last a lifetime. and my tuckus (that's NY for tush :wink: ) is recovering from all that riding - 2300 miles, all told. whew.

missed you guys. I am devastated by the news of Beth and Dean Carl. elated at Maryanne and Joel's great results, and happy to hear from Fay. Fay, the patron saint of the chicken cult finally arrived - can I have your address so I can send him to you? I will slowly try and reply to everyone's posts. it's overwhelming to come back to.

this is long, if you made it this far you are a wonderful friend. even if you didn't, I treasure all of you so much.



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Welcome home. We have missed you and are so glad to hear what a wonderful time you had. 2300 miles is a long long time on a bike, I'm so jealous. I can just imagine how beautiful it was, thanks for the detailed description of the travels and even better to come home to find your Mom doing so wonderful.

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Welcome home, Bunny. I'm so happy to hear you had a wonderful trip! See, aren't you glad you took our advice and just rode away for a while. I can definitely sympathize with your sore tush. I have someone in my life that has a Harley and we ride a lot. We went to Daytona for Bike Week this year. Daytona is about a two hour trip from my house. Well, I made it there but on the way home, I had to stop and take Motrin for my aching tush! I guess at my age, the joints and bones just don't tolerate things as well as they once did...LOL! So glad to hear that your Mom did well while you were away!

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Hi Bunny,

Welcome home. You actually went 2300 miles on a bike? No wonder your tukus hurt. :shock:

I am so glad your honey took you away from home for awhile. It must have felt great, traveling and being outdoors on the bike, Such freedom, huh. I hope you did not run into nasty weather. :(

Also, so glad to here that your mom is on the mend. :)

Take care my friend, :wink:


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