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Getting to Know You - September 12


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A funky little British film that I saw with two girlfriends at a matinee. Cannot recall the name of it. But it was several months ago.

Prior to that? It was TOP GUN :shock: No lie. DH doesn't "do" movies. :roll: But on my 40th birthday in 1986, he took me and the kids to see Top Gun...at my urging, I might add.

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The March of the Penguins. Definitely don't want to come back in my next life as a penguin.

Addie, Earl also was not a movie person, unless it was Lethal Weapon or Clint Eastwood(not in his sensitive rolls). I used to wonder how such a kind and generous man loved those violent films. Man thing I guess.

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We used to go to the moves every Wednesday at 10:00. Wednesday is 1/2 price and at 10:00 there were times that we were the only 2 people in the theatre.

But we started watching West Wing, and that cut into our movie time, as that was over at 10:00.

But we still love to go.

We last saw, when we were in Vermont a couple of weeks ago, Wedding Crashers. Funny movie.

We watch a DVD every Friday night. Right now we are finishing up the last DVD of the 3rd series fo 24.

If you hanvn't watched 24, then you can rent the series at the video store. They have season 1 thru 3 now. It is a GREAT series to watch, and we can't wait for the following week to rent the next DVD. There are 4 episodes on one disk.

Seriously, trust me, you will love it!! Great for those cold winter weekend nights. :wink:


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It has been so long since I went to a movie theater that I really can't remember what was on the screen. We got Directv about 14 years ago and use the button for our movies. I record them and then we watch when we are in the mood for a movie. That way bathroom breaks etc don't make us miss the "good parts".


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We like doumentaries and indie films.

Last one in a theater was Luther.

Looking to see The Smartest Guys in the Room, but can't find iy anywhere outside of Chicago and Brian is not up to that trip right now. We have it marked on Amazon so that we will be notified when it is available on DVD.


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On Friday night, I was in the mood to really lighten up after a really tough work week, so I went to see The Forty Year Old Virgin . What a hilarious, yet romantic, comedy this was. You definitely don't want to take the little ones to see this movie but I will definitely recommend it for some great adult laughs and lots of warm fuzzies!!!

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