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Just attended JustAKid (Beth's) funeral

Remembering Dave

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Just wanted to report in. It was, of course, lovely, and the minister (female, she and I had met at the hospital once and had a long talk, I really like her) really emphasized how Beth's whole life was about love, how much she loved her kids (very true, I witnessed that personally and it made a huge impact on me) and made a pretty nice parallel between Beth's love and how Christ was all about love.

But I gotta tell you, there is nothing tougher than watching the world's sweetest 7 year old boy weep for his mother.

I'm really going to miss Beth, but I hope she and Dave are supporting each other in heaven just like they did here on earth. I imagine Dave is showing her the ropes about now.

God Bless,


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Oh Karen,

This is so heart breaking to think about. Beth's passing away and her family and the tough road ahead. She has been on my mind so much. Both Beth and your David really have tugged at my heart. Maybe because both of them being close to my age and especially imagining even a little of what you must have had to go through having a young one at home. You are always in my prayers as is Beth's family.

Take care

Love to you and Faith,


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Thank you, Karen.

I know Beth was trying so hard to put on a brave face for her kids; she confessed to me once that it was all she could do to keep from screaming "I don't think I"m gonna make it this time, kids....".... at that point my heart went out to her.

She also wrote me that she didn't know how she'd make out without David to boost her. I'm sure he's showing her the ropes, and I'm sure Faith and Beth's kids will have the best angels peering over their shoulders....

God bless and keep you and Faith and Beth's husband and kids.

In between, I lost my neighbor and friend to BC, similarly leaving behind 5,7,15, and hubby. I mourn them all.



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Karen, although I'm very glad that you attended Beth's service, I know it must have been very hard for you. It must have been terrible to see those poor children cry for their mother. I pray that God somehow can help these precious little ones find peace. I know that David and Beth are looking down on us and smiling!

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Thanks for posting this, Karen. It must have been wrenching to attend. Too many fresh memories.

But I really like the thought that David and Beth are together, after being so supportive of one another here...and that neither is struggling anymore.

I hope David doesn't have a blonde wig and a lipstick up there... :roll::wink:

My heart goes out to Beth's kids and your little doll, Faith...for having lost a parent. But I know the remaining parents will fill the gap as best they can.

Keep in touch...huh? Let us know how you are doing...and how Bethie's family is getting along, too.

Thinking of you all....

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Just thought of this - my mom talked to Beth's Mom, who mentioned to her that there was someone else there (this was at the visitation) from this bulletin board. LindseysMom (Dee) came to Dave's visitation but I didn't see here there at Beth's, so I am wondering who that was and wishing I had gotten to meet you.

My Mom and Beth ended up having chemo together quite a few times, they were chemo room buddies - so mom knew her quite well also and came with me to both the visitation and the funeral. she is fighting Stage IV colon cancer herself so I know this wasn't easy for her. but it didn't take much of knowing Beth to become quite fond of her.

I am doing well, sorry, but avoiding this board, but I did want to report in about Beth's service. I really miss her. I started missing her when she got too sick to talk on the phone.

cancer sucks.


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