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Update on mom..

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Well, we had a lovely football party at house yesterday. My mom, stepdad and brother came. We talked and laughed for hours. Unfortunately, mom fell at my house, right onto her knee (the good leg) on the hardwood floor and was pretty shook up about it. Today, she went in for her weekly levels (blood count, coumadin, etc.) and her nurse was like "this is not the Sandy I know, your foot is dragging pretty bad and you are holding onto the walls to walk. I am going to call the oncodoc to see if he want to start physical therapy." I guess this is good news, I pray there is somthing that can be done! Any of your prayers I'm sure can't hurt!

Thanks for all of the love and support via PM. I love you all!


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Lori, is she seeing a neurologist for the seizures? Who is ordering the seizure meds? Her blood levels need to be monitored to make sure she has enough of the medication in her blood to prevent the seizure. Many of the seizure meds are hard on the liver and require quarterly blood levels. They will also make her tired.

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My Dad was on Dylantin for awhile. You need to make sure that they check her level regularily. They had a hard time getting his level up high enough so they kept increasing his dosage. Then he almost overdosed on it. He was very weak, could barely walk, and was out of it mentally.

I hope the medicine keeps your Mom's seizures under control. They are very scary! You and your Mom are in my prayers.


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Well, you know my little wildcat, she is fighting. She has been doing some "self taught" physical therapy. She has stepdad, brother, and me pushing against her foot about 10 times a day to try to strengthen the leg. I did notice a slight improvement yesterday when I was there. She was walking to the bathroom and although stepdad was right there, she stood alone and said "Look at me!"

She is meeting with oncodoc tomorrow to ask about some official physical therapy and about seeing a neurologist.

She has not had another seizure since they started the dylantin, so I guess the combo is working. I want to go the appointment tomorrow and see what oncodoc has to say, but I can't change my work schedule. Bummer...

Thanks so much for asking and caring and loving ALL OF US! WE LOVE YOU GUYS TOO!!

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