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Getting to Know You - September 13


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I have to fess up on this one and answer NO...unless I lived here in Florida. Since I know my way around my area and know where the ocean is, I can pretty well figure everything else out. But...get me out of my area and I have no idea which direction I'm headed!

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I can't even tell directions with a compass. I must admit I am extremely directionally challenged. My kids make fun of me because no matter where we go I always end up lost. I am extremely good, however, at going backwards up the interstate to the take the exit I just missed, going the wrong way down a one way street and jumping several lanes of traffic to take the wrong exit (it seemed like the right exit at the time..) :wink:

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I have a terrible sense of direction. My husband is my GPS system when we drive any where. some people spend thousands to have one installed in their cars, I just bring Alan with me LOL!!!!


Wife of Alan DX small cell lung cancer Jan 10th 05 limited disease. (I will give you the short version)

01/18/05 start chemo, cisplatian and CT 11

03/05 30 days in hospital bilateral pneumonia

04/05 chemo discontinued due to severe complications

05/05 start chest radiation x 35

06/28/05 last chest radiation

07/12/05 MRI brain confirms mets to brain, begin WBR that day

09/01/05 last radiation of the brain, praying for good results

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The one thing I was blessed with, an awesome sense of direction. My mom can tell a story of her, and my little brother and I going home from a shopping trip in downtown Dallas. I was in maybe 1st grade or 2nd. But she got confused in the mixmaster, and it was me who got her home. Of course this was an area at the time that we went to alot but still...Even today I am notorius for taking a "short cut" thru the country just taking off n the general direction of where I want to go. BUT I am afraid if you thru me out in the forest I may not fair so well, although i can tell my the sun somewhat.

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I have no sense of direction. You must tell me it is to the right of the old post office, to the left of the methodist church, and one block over from so and so. If I am anywhere but here I must ask directions. To solve my problem I take my husband with me. I know it is cheating but he always knows where we are. :oops:


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I can follow directions, but rely on a paper map or Mapquest.com over a resident. I have received such HORRIBLE directions from folks who live around wherever I'm trying to go :roll:

My car has a compass, not that it always helps. I know when I'm headed toward Florida instead of Canada, but when I'm just going for groceries....

I don't normally get lost, am awesome at reading maps and getting where I need to be - even if I have to travel through Louisville THREE TIMES to hit the Elizabethtown exit! (They hid that thing, I swear!)

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