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Ron finished 6 rounds - Catscan this Friday


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It's been some time since I've able to check on everyone's progress because of a myriad of bad things happening. Ron is doing well, I think, after getting through the 6th Taxotere treatment. There doesn't appear to be symptoms of a reoccurence of the fluid that he had removed on July 28. He will have his catscan on Friday and is scheduled to see a new oncologist on the 26th. Our favorite oncologist has gone on sabbatical for a year. We're not happy with his colleague so we've asked to see Dr. Jensen.

On August 25 I lost my mom to cancer. She was diagnosed with a reoccurence in early July, most likely a metastasis from her original breast cancer which she was diagnosed with in 2001. The cancer was found in the liver for sure and other sites were involved (most likely the pancreas or bowel). She did go through 5 rounds of chemo but suffered terribly from mouth sores that severely reduced her ability to eat. So although she was 80 and only a petite 90 lb lady she fought with a wonderful mental attitude until the end. Perhaps that's why she had 4 "great" years since her initial diagnosis which resulted in a mastectomy, 8 rounds of taxol, and 25 radiation treatments. Mom was an avid skater (she wore racer skates - similar to what you seen olympian speed skaters wear) and enjoyed line dancing sessions with a Seniors group in our local area for the past 5 years. We sent her racer skates with her in the casket. Our guest singer at the funeral sang one of the songs she skated to all her life - "On the Wings of a Snow White Dove" and noted at the funeral that mom is in a place where she won't have to worry about the flames melting the ice. So, if you look up you may see her speeding by on those racers.

Ron and I had a car accident that caused severe damage to only the car. We were very lucky to have survived. However, it was just another bad thing to have to deal with 4 days before mom's passing. Then the hospital shifted my dad to a nursing home just two days after mom's burial. He was grieving at the loss of his wife of 60 years and we had to take him to a place which was unfamiliar and he didn't know anyone. We were pretty emotional about that too.

I'm sorry to babble but a helluva lot is going on. I've told Ron that he can't get sick on me now. He's a rock. At the end of this month it will be 18 months since Ron's go home and get your things in order visit. And quality of life has been good. His mindset keeps him with us. His respiralogist told him that during the last visit that "you amaze me." That's quite a compliment.

I'm sad to read of the sad news on the board lately and happy that some are getting good news. There's no question that this board is the best. The support is incredible.

Thanks for everything.


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Oh Janet...you have really been through the wringer lately! I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your mom. You have had so much on your plate!!! Were either you or Ron injured in the car crash? I am saying prayers that things will get better for you and asking God for really good test results for Ron. Please keep us posted.

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You had too many things that have happened to you all at once. But you seem to be holding okay. That is a good sign.

I am sorry for the loss of your mom and all that you dad is going through. They were married 60 years, that was wonderful and now and he feels he has no life since he lost his bride. That is so understanable.

Thank G-d you both came through that car accident okay.

I am glad that Ron is doing good with his treatments, and pray that he will continue to show improvement.

Keep the faith and know that things will improve for you.

Prayers sent to you both.


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I'm sorry to be so late in posting. I'm sad to hear you lost your mom. You've really shared some of her likeable and strong spirit with us, though. I wish I'd known her.

There's a lot of hurt swimming around you. I'm sending all caring thoughts and strength your way. It's time for some good news for you and Ron.


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