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Update on my FIL and more info...


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Well, my FIL seems to be recovering quite well from his surgery. He has both chest tubes out, is off of oxygen, is moving around well. Aside from little appetite, and general being sick of being in the hospital he is doing great. The plan is that he will be released tomorrow.

They told us yesterday that the cancer he has is adenocarcinoma.

Today they called and said that they are definitely going to do about 4-6 weeks of chemo/radiation. 5 days of rad, then 3 days chemo the next week. No news yet of what meds they are using. Apparently there was cancer in most of the lymph nodes they tested.

My FIL said that they would probably start these treatments almost as soon as he is home, but I thought that they would give a little more time for him to recover from surgery? Maybe he misunderstood, or misinterpreted what they said.

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I'm sorry to hear about your FIL. In my family's experience, the oncologists don't tend to wait too long to start treatment. They usually go right after the cancer with chemo or radiation treatment.

When you find out what kind of chemo they are going to use, post about it because there are many here that know alot (way too much!) about the drugs and how they work or the side effects they may cause. The best advice on how to deal with chemo comes from those that have experienced it and can give you their opinions.

Best wishes to your FIL and family. :)

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I'm very glad to hear your FIL is recovering well. That's great news! And yes, they may start him on his treatments in a few weeks. Sooner is better!

I had my left lung removed and several lymph nodes and I started my chemo and radiation 7 weeks after surgery. That was longer then they wanted me to start, but I wasn't happy with the first Onc Doc, so it was delayed. But, it's NOT uncommon to start a patient as soon as they are up and healing and doing well.

I wanted to mention to you that maybe your mother in law could pick up a tape recorder. I had one during my journey, and by golly they are sooo helpful. We don't always remember everything the doc's and nurses tell us. So, they really are a good idea, and the doc's don't mind.

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I wish your FIL a speedy recovery. Good luck with the treatments.

Joel had too wait over a month because of a complication with his thyroid, but he still had the treatments even though it was well past the time. We really don't know if it did any good at that point but he chose to have it anyway. And I am glad that he did.

I don't think he would have had it that soon after his operaton like you FIL but everyone is different.

Prayers sent.


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this is such GOOD NEWS darci! I am so happy he's doing so well. they told us the outside range for effectiveness for adjuvent chemo is about 6 weeks after surgery. they would have started suki's at about 3 weeks had she not taken a ride on the complications rollar coaster...she won't have chemo at all now.

oh, I am just thrilled to hear he's doing so well.

keep us posted!



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