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Need to borrow Kasey's Pass

Frank Lamb

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Ry,now that Kasey has turned in her shore pass I need to borrow it from Wed. nite to Sun. nite.

Pretty,pretty please.We are going to the beach (sandbridge beach-just below virginia beach)for a few days with our daughters (3),son-in laws (3),and grandaughters (5).Ophelia or not.Ophelia is supposed to be gone thurs am so we will get there thurs lunchtime.

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Hey Frank,

I am not sure you really want the pass I had...the CABANA BOY pass :roll: !!!! Wadda ya think? Connie may like it :lol: !

Really, have a wonderful family getaway. Sounds like it will a great time.

My time was really a good one. Just not much exciting to report. Hate to ask for help and these friends are ones that really don't like interference with 'fun' times. BUT they did rally for me!



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Was just coming to tell Frank that Kasey's was the "cabana boy" pass...and I see that Kasey already let him know. :roll:

So we DO have a "cabana girl" pass? Oh that's right...I saw her once before. Frank, I have to tell you...."girl" is quite a stretch. Our female cabana pass lady is........uh.........toothless and ancient. :shock: You order a beer, and by the time she shuffles it over to you...you'll have forgotten you ordered it. :D

I'd go for the Beach Hooters pass if I were you. :wink:

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By the sea, By the sea, By the beautiful sea......

Frank, I live by the ocean so I must share my very best tension tamer with you and Connie. When you're lying there on the sand, just think of all your troubles and let them all roll right out with the biggest wave that hits the shore!!! It really does help!!! Have a wonderful trip, even if Ry doesn;t come up with a cabana girl!

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