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Minnesota's LCSC bash!


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Well, it's more of an event than a bash...but I plan to have FUN when I'm there Oct. 5-7 (The event is on the 6th).

I'm coming all the way from TX to be at Donna G's and Connie's (et al) shin-dig.

Anyone else going to come? Would love to meet you!

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We have some of our Support Group members from Regions Hospital LC Support Group that are going to attend. This should be a great time! We had fun the last time we did this at the Burnsville City Hall, and this time it's just going to be bigger and better! So, more fun for all! And SHOPPING right at your finger tips! :wink::D

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I will be there. I live 5 minutes from the Burnsville Center. Maybe I can bring my Mom with me. Depends on how Dad is doing then. Still hoping he will regain strength. It will be fun to meet you all. I was hoping to have a Golf Tournament for Lung Cancer next summer in Lakeville. My Dad just LOVES to golf and we live on a golf coarse. If anyone has any information about planning one please let me know. See you there!


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Ok, so minnesota isn't too far away...where would i be dragging mom if i were to be able to talk her into this? *hint, hint, nudge, nudge* :wink:

I'd love to get her up there, and i'd love to get to go myself and give you all some hugs!

Someone please let me know so i can mapquest it and see what i come up with!

Thanks bunches,


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This is google' map of the area;

Burnsville Center ( Mall) is on County Rd 42, just west of 35W ( which runs north and south. )

http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?co ... chtab=home

From this you can zoom in or out and see we are just south of the Minnesota River, Bloomington, Minneapolis and St. Paul--- we are the suburbs.

Donna G


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Here is the first post that Donna Posted about the Cancer Event in Burnsville:

We members of our local Lung Cancer Support Group are coming and will have TWO tables for this event! Even if you don't live in Minnesota you are still invited!

Thursday, October 6


Burnsville Center


at an important community service event. As a cancer survivor, Mayor Kautz is passionate about providing

cancer education to the citizens of Burnsville and the Minnesota Valley. This comprehensive event will

provide information for individuals living with cancer, their caregivers, families and those who are working to prevent cancer.

The cancer campaign will focus on panel sessions featuring leading medical experts, cancer survivors and exhibit cancer-related vendors selling quality of life products.

Tentative panel topics include:

• “During & After Cancer Treatment: Guidelines for Patients & Family Members”

• “Wellness Prevention”

• “Healthcare Directives”


BETWEEN 4:00-9:00PM. We will have directional signage at each entrance noting the In-Mall event locations.

Burnsville Center is located at the intersection of

35-W & 35-E at County Road 42.

Help us build knowledge of support and services for

people living with cancer. If you are interested in being

an event sponsor or vendor, please contact Katie Deutsch

at Burnsville Center (952) 435.8182 or




I moved this here for those who don't look at the activism ribbon. Donna G


NSCLC, 4 cm Pancoast tumor, diag. 12/97 Cisplatin and VP 16, Radiation, R upper lobectomy, more Cisplatin and VP 16. Celebrating 7 yrs of survival !

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Well I'm trying to work something out and hoping Bill will be feeling okay for travel. I found a fairly reasonable flight from Cincy to Minneapolis/St. Paul with one stop. It's a two hour layover in Chicago and I'm thinking that if I could convince Pat/Brian to meet us at the airport for lunch while we wait...that would cinch the deal for Bill (who's leary of travelling these days). We'll have to wait and see; once we get the wedding behind us that will be our next goal.

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If anyone wishes for me to look into hotels for them, please let me know. I would be glad to lend a hand.

I also have a huge yard if anyone would like to bring a camper or trailer, we could park it in our back yard. The Fall colors should be beautiful the first week in Oct.

Please feel free to email me or PM me if you want me to do some leg work for you.

Email: morcon@mouseplay.com In the Suject line please state "Burnsville Event"

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I will also be able to join the gang at the event. I have been pretty quite here but would love to greet our fellow LC group at the event!

I can vouch for Connie's big yard, it's beautiful - camping might be a great alternative for anyone interested in making the trek to MN.

Hope to see you there!!


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  • 2 weeks later...

We were making an honest effort to make this work.

We need all those hugs.................

However, our onc is working w/ us to get Brian fluffed up for the wedding in Florida later in October.

Brian is taking a higher dose of CPT-11 for 3 weeks running...............(running is the operative word here-along w/ low blood counts)

This weekend is out for us for any travel.

I am so sad.

I only hope this sacrifice pays off for Greg's wedding on 10-22.

Love you guys.


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Pat, just tell Brian to kick into low gear and work on getting reved up for the end of Oct, when he will be able to kick her in HIGH GEAR!!

We know your both with us in Spirit, and your Support & Love for all that LCSC does has never been a secret. You speak VOLUMES in the Love, Support and Prayer areas. We love you for it!

Put her in Gear Brian, slow she goes and then kick in the rear! ((((BRAIN & PAT)))))

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I also just wanted to share with everyone that all the $$$$ donations we make at this event will go to keeping LCSC up and running! :wink: It's the least we can do to keep our friends here happy!

It's also a Wonderful chance for us to share LCSC with the Public, and to get Lung Cancer Awareness some much needed attention.

Oct 6th is just around the corner. If anyone wants to come, just let us know.

This is going to be a great event. I can't wait to share all the pictures we will take with everyone.

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and all the items that sell- 100% of those proceeds will go to LCSC as well.

I've made a big stock of jewelry and awareness items and there are some other promotional items that I am bringing up there as well as all the other leftover things my my past events.

Raising awareness and making noise!

Come help us!!

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