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Prayers Please

Andrea B.

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Hi All,

I would appreciate if you could all remember my mom in your prayers. She is going in for a CT scan tomorrow, because she has been having a nagging cough that they can't find the source too. If needed they are going to do a bronchoscopy (sp?) to look further into the lung. Then next week she has a PET scan to check on the success of her chemo. I am trying my best to remain positive. Thank you for thinking of us.

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Prayers are being sent up to God now. Has your mom had a bronchoscopy ever before? What procedure was done to diagnose her intially? I am sure she will do fine. I had bronchoscopy to biopsy a small mass in my right mid lobe. They gave me a liquid Valum in an IV, which put me in a twilight sleep. It didn't hurt. I woke up while they were finishing up and I remember the doctor saying "not to cough." So, I did my best to not cough till they finished. That was the hardest part. Afterwards, my throat was little sore. THey said to watch for coughing up some blood which is normal. I did just a tiny bit following surgery, because of the biopsy. Good luck and keep us posted. P.S. your baby girl in the picture is just the cutest little angel!


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Prayers have been sent for your mom. She will have a clean scan and get rid of her cough.

God Bless



Dx 3-03, NSCLC 3a-b ???? 33 Radiation & 8 wkly chemo 4-03 to 5-03

taxol/carbo. Now taxol/carbo every 3 wks started 7-23

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Dear Andrea,

My Prayers start like this: Dear Lord, Can you hear me? CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW???? If you want prayers my dear, YOU GOT EM!!! This is the easy part. Stay strong and lets remain positive!

And I just LOVE the new picture of your BEAUTIFUL daughter and you mom! OH SOOOOO CUTE!!!

Good Luck.

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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