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Good Thing I've Got My Tennies Laced Up...


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Cause Carolyn started crawling today!!!!

Already she is even more into everything than she was with her rolling/creeping techniques.

But it's all so much fun.

She also got a brand new high chair today and had her first taste of apple sauce (she's been eating rice cereal, but we're branching out). So far, she is not sure if Tiggers like applesauce. We'll try again tomorrow.

Thought you might like to know. ;)

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Uh Oh, Baby Girl on the Go!

Boy is this a fun time and exciting. As for the applesauce ... Tiggers didn't like 'babyfood' as a whole in my house. They put up with the introducing of foods for allergy detection sake and then we just started 'mushing' appropriate big people food.

Do you have some good "I'm-not-sure-I-like-this" photos yet?

Have fun!

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Val, keep those running shoes on your feet! Now is when this motherhood thing begins to be really fun!!!

Thanks for sharing all of this with us! It brings back many special memories of my boys being babies and makes my heaart yearn even more for grandchildren!

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