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Tina, I am totally tone deaf. Jim loved to hear me sing Happy Birthday because it apparently sounds nothing like it's supposed to. So, today you and Charlie can be thankful for a message with no sound:

Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday Dear Charlie

Happy Birthday to You................And MANY MANY MANY MORE!!!

I hope the treatments are quick and uneventful the rest of this week and you get to eat a big slice of gooey cake!



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Thanks everybody! Lynne: Thank you. I know this is hard for you today. You are a very special friend!

He has had a wonderful day. I surprised him at the dr. office when he was getting his chemo. I showed up with a cake, balloons, ice cream, candy for the nurses, etc. We had a good time. Then, I went back to work. :( We (including our niece and youngest daughter) met his brother and SIL at a very nice restaurant for dinner tonight. Very tasty! :)

Just printed this thread and showed it to Charlie. He was amazed that you'll were so thoughtful. :D I guess I need to bring him up to speed about this site and all you wonderful friends. :oops: He has never shown much of an interest in the Internet. He knows I spend a lot of time here. But, he really didn't realize we were posting supporting each other and exchanging information all the time, etc. Thanks again and take care.

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