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Getting to Know You - September 15 (Early Edition)


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Oh Ann, I bet I can beat 3.

1. Special people that park in fire lanes because they are just running in to get 12 items in the grocery store.

2. Companies that hire people that do not speak English to work in their Customer Service departments.

3. People that do not get in line to get off the turnpike but zoom to the head of the line and expect to be let in.

4. Having to wait all day for a repairman or delivery. They can't give you a 2 hour window?

5. Total lack of courtesy in this world.

6. People who believe that all things are their 'right'.

Enough for now.

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Ginny, you ROCK~!! I think you got most of the major ones already....but for people who go thru the express line in the grocery NOT with 12 items, but with 27 because they, too, are "special" :roll:

There's a name for those people, you know, and I think this one is an actual Sniglet...

...they are called Expressholes! :lol:

Ginny, that would make #1 on your list illegal Expressholes, would it not? :wink:

#1 on my list....whiners!!!!!!!!!! I don't even like it when my DOGS do it...but I know a couple of people in my real life who are chronic and persistent whiners and they drive me over the same edge that oral Decadron does.

Oh yeah, #2 on my list is oral Decadron.

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1) Someone messing with my kids--God help them! I can be kind of a she-bear.

2) People who jump to conclusions without checking my side of a story first.

3) Folks who think that the rules that the rest of us follow don't apply to them.

Wow. Now I'm all revved up. I'd bette not go get in my car and drive anywhere for at least 30 minutes.

:) , Kelly

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Just writing them down gets ya going huh? Too funny!!

Down to the bone cranky. Hmmmmmmm....

1. Automated phone systems and busy signals!

2. Rude, arrogant people.

3. I can't think of the name of them but the automatic lines at the stores you go through by yourself. I'm stubborn and keep thinking that one of these days I'll get through it much quicker than I would have if I would have stood in the other lines.

I tell myself it will be the LAST time I try it every darn time. ughhhhhhhh

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1) Lack of courtesy, be it the other customers in line or the checker/sales clerk on the other side of the counter. (A peeve is when I hand over my money and the person stuffing it in a drawer no longer has to say "thank you" - since WHEN?)

2) Dealing with the "customer service" numbers where you can NEVER talk to a real person, just pound the pound sign - and if you DO manage to reach a real person, it's not the RIGHT real person and they'll "transfer you" which leads to being cut off and starting ALL OVER AGAIN! ARGH!

3) Drivers who don't realize that I DO own the flippin' road and they need to shove over and get out of my way! (Okay, not quite that extreme, but the ones who see the SAME road construction/lane ends signs and zoom on ahead in the lane to be closed and try to force their way in at the head of the line...)

4) Incompetent people working jobs that require discretion - for example, the loud receptionist at the doctor's office who seems to make sure the entire waiting room knows what you are there for and the results...even if she's not reciting YOUR test results! :shock:

Lordy, the list goes on and on, but gets into family issues and those can really make me unglued...LOL

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Ha! I have to reply to this one!

1. Vans and trucks that pull up and block my view when I am trying to pull out onto a busy road. GRRRRRRR!!!

2. When people try to fix something, do something, explain something, etc. when they don't have a clue rather than just saying, "I don't know, but I'll find out." I HATE THAT! It makes me very angry.

3. When perfectly healthy people parked in handicapped spots, even if they have a handicapped sticker on their car. My dad HAD to have a handicapped spot because his COPD was so bad. He had to miss several doctor's appointments because perfectly healthy people took all the handicapped spots and he couldn't park farther away and walk in. It took everything he had and several stops to rest even when he could get a handicapped spot.

Love to all,


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1. People who don't signal when they are going to turn as a courtesy to let you know you may proceed.

2. People who pass me just before an exit, and then exit right in front on me.

3. People who don't put their car lights on at dusk or when it's raining because they obviously see fine. They forget the need to be seen as well.

4. People whose attitude is "it's all about me, and forget you!"

5. People who say, "Not a problem" when I ask for service. It has just become a problem -- whatever happened to, "Yes, sir" or similar responses.

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1) by far the heat!! I hate the heat and humidty and can get real cranky because of it. I have to say I am better than I used to be but still hate it!!

2) My paperwork for work!@! My husband calls it my period time ( I dont have periods as I have had a hysterectomy) but he says thats just what it is like at the end of the month as I scurry to get it all done!!

3) Airline delays and losing of luggage etc. The airlines have really gone down hill since 9/11 and I hate to fly now. I would rather drive than put up with all the delays at connecting airports!!

God Bless,


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yay! cranky time! ok, top three things that send me up a tree (cause god knows there are more)...

1. unneccesary, massive SUV's in the city - just because you claim to need a freakin' SEMI to carry around your little self, and your teeny little two kids, don't tell me I need to give you more room on the road, live with your headlights at my eye level, give you two parking spots and pay higher gas prices. grrr.

(I may need to say my prayers again after this, heh)

2. people who are mean or belittling to their children in public - I know better than to say anything, but man, it's hard sometimes.

(I know, I shouldn't judge until I have my own, I try to be grateful for the examples of what NOT to do)

3. patronizing customer service representatives, especially at Sallie Mae, the student loan folks. I will pay them more than twice the amount of my loan by the time I am done with my 30-year plan, and they still act like their doing ME a favor when my account gets messed up and they have to fix it. grrr.

what's GREAT about this exercise, Ann, is that other things occurred to me - and I realized how petty they are. so thank you, I think you just gave me an incentive to not sweat the small stuff.



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1. People who forget to turn off their turn signal (you don't know if they are changing lanes or not).

2. When I get a bad meal at a fancy restaurant.

3. When you go somewhere to get something done and they say, "Oh, so-and-so handles that and he/she is gone all week, come back next week." --Can people not multiple task these days?

4. People who talk during a movie.


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1. People who are not empathetic.

(Looking at the world through someone else's eyes--these guys could learn a lesson from us.)

2. People who don't care for their children.

(Basically, their kids are raising themselves.)

3. People who take advantage of others.

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I am making a clean up in people I know.

1- People that call themselves your friends

and make so many hints about wanting something

you have, that (fed up) you give it to them

to a ''About time, I wanted it so much''

but no thank you.

2- People that ask you to drive them to do their

food shopping and tell you in front of the

cashier ''I forgot my money home''

and you have trouble getting it back.

Wonder why we say ''Thank you!'' when we

get that money back, they should be the

ones to thank you!!!!!!!

3- People that call only to ask a service,

but never offer to help you.

Will stop I will ruin my good mood for the day.

Clean up going very good lately.

Love to all


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People who park in handicap parking spaces when they are clearly not handicap.

People who take up two parking spaces because they don't want dings.

People who don't say excuse me or acknowledge you if you say excuse me.

People who are going to be late and don't have the courtesy to call and let you know.

Had to get one more in there.

Best Wishes,


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1. People who think the world owes them something when they are never willing to put forth any effort!

2. Telemarketers (Yes, I'm on the do not call list and still get calls).

3. Calling customer service for computer or internet issues and never reaching anyone that speaks English.

4. Fair weather friends.

5. Perfectly healthy people that use automatic opening doors when push open doors are available but they're jusst too lazy to push!

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1)Back Stabbers

2) people who stop in the middle of the road in their cars to talk with someone they know coming the opposite was who also stops in the middle of the road and now both ways of traffic are stopped until the freaking feel like wrapping up their damn conversation about nothing and moving their rude ignorant as...er butts

3) people who can't be happy no matter how much they have or who don't appreciate what they do have and just don't see it already. NAMELY people who yell at their parents in front of me when all I wan't to say is "you freaking selfish bast....person you, what I would not give to have a parent to speak with at all.

this could go on for top 100

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Wow...what a great subject! Gives us all a chance to blow off a little bit of steam!

(these are going to sound so selfish!)

1.) When i have plans to do something and another "something" comes up that supercedes my plans...seems to happen all the time to me, so i keep saying i'm going to stop planning.

2.) Those people who don't even know Mom's last name who live in the same town she does yet feel it's their right to talk about her disease (inaccurately, no less!)

3.) Getting up in the morning, thinking you're running late, and realizing it's Saturday. :roll:

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Kathy you said one of my big ones and it just makes my blood boil and that is people who do not turn off their turn signal. Grrrrrrr

Renting a DVD and one of the disks keeps freezeing up. Also when I am listening to an audio tape I got from the library, and when I am on the last tape it is messed up.

"Friends" that send me "you're a wonderful friend, this and that" in an email and it is also sent to 50 other people.

Being on hold and hearing music. Sometimes so loud. One time I actually heard a commercial about Tampons!!

One thing I miss, and that is getting a birthday card in the mail. Everyone sends emails. I send email cards but I also send cards I actually bought in a store.

People that don't flush toilets in a public restroom. Along with that, no toilet paper and I am searching through you pocketbook for a tissue and you can only find a used one. :shock: or you wash your hands and there is no paper towels.

Please do not take this a being racist in anyway, this is work related, when I have to call the help desk because there is a problem with my computer, it goes to India and I cannot understand a word the person is talking about and I have to keep saying what.. what.

This is fun... I can on and on.

Maryanne :wink:

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Okay, I haven't been on the board for like 2 weeks and I have lots of posts to type on, but I had to do this one right now since it hits close to home:

Things that make me cranky:

1. When I run out lunch time to do errands and when I get to the business's door there is a sign up that says "Closed for Lunch" (joys of living in a small town).

2. When I go grocery shopping and there is some woman (sorry, but mostly women seem to do this!), taking forever to pick out a can of vegetables (brain surgery here) and they have left their shopping cart PARKED in the middle of the aisle...

3. Incompetence- ANY kind of incompetence. Like going to the store and the cash register is having a problem and the clerk can't figure out how to COUNT your change out because the register isn't telling them how much money you are supposed to get back...

The incompetence category also includes of course, every driver in the world that is in front of me when I'm in a hurry..

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