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"Hometown Hero Award"


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I can't believe it! My oncology nurse nominated me for a "Hometown Hero Award" that is given through the Philadelphia 76ers Basketball Team....and they called to say I WON! :shock:

What that apparently means is that I get free tickets to a game, and they are going to call me down onto the center of the floor during that game and present me with an award for my efforts to raise awareness and funding for Lung Cancer! I think it will be a WONDERFUL way to bring even further awareness to our cause!!!

As terrified as I am to stand in front of 20,000 people, I think it will be an amazing thing to have them all hear about lung cancer -- if only for a moment!

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Congratulations Heather, you must be so excited as I am so excited for you.

Being a homey I will be able to view the 76er's game, so please let me know when this will be.

Great honor... this should bring some more LC awareness!! Maybe you could talk some of the players to participate in your walk in Nov.

I am so proud of you.


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