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Could use prayers...The big four


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I can't believe my luck or I should say lack of lately. I had my first 6 month CT scan last week and will finally get the results tomorrow since my doctor has been on vacation. Meanwhile I was going to have some minor surgery that I wasn't concerned about but the surgeon waned me to go in for a minor check up, EKG and some blood tests, the normal stuff before you receive anesthesia.

I called my doctors office and since he is on vacation they put me in with one of his colleagues. She seemed nice enough but before I knew what hit me she said she wanted me to see a cardiologist because she didn't like the looks of my EKG. Then she starts with the minor physical and says she wants me to get a colonostomy because she felt a lump on the colon area of my stomach. My heart was getting ready to pound out of my chest and I burst out bawling. I ask her if it would be a new primary or a met from the lung. She put her arm around me and said doesn't think it's anything, yeah, right, then why is she sending me for a bunch of tests?

I got home that evening a little depressed and more than a little scared. I was trying to watch some TV that I wasn't really paying attention to when I reached around to rub my lower back that has been bothering me, a lump, another darn lump to worry about. Now, this has gone from a routine CT scan of my chest to a

1- Chest CT scan

2- A heart stress test to see if I need a shunt or bypass

3- a lump on the colon and

4- a lump on the lower back.

Four things at once, in one day... :?

What are the odds this could all be nothing? Pretty low I would imagine. It all happened so fast I can't believe it.

I saw the cardiologist this morning and he did another EKG and listened to my blood flow through my arteries. He seemed concerned and has me scheduled next week for a stress test. He says I may end up with a shunt or possibly a bypass which I can handle, that's the easy part of this big 4 I have to deal with this week. It's that darn cancer fear that is getting me. Like everyone else here, a little lump is no longer just something to go see the doctor about, it's a major fear that won't go away and I personally am having a very hard time maintaining my sanity.

If anyone has any extra prayers and positive thoughts I could sure use some.



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Kathy, don't panic yet, get the tests done and see where things are. I know, easier said then done. I think once we have this horrid disease, every time we feel "out of the ordinary" ITS BACK. My prayers are with you, try to stay calm and get things checked out. Take care.


Nancy B

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Wow! I don't blame you for being worried. Seems you got a quadruple whammy in one day. I hope and pray that all of it will work out to be minor stuff. Even the heart surgery may turn out to be something they can treat with meds. Get a second opinion about that one too. I have you in my heart for the next few days. You are always in my prayers.


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Hang in there Kathy. It is very possible that all four will turn out to be nothing. I've panicked over lumps more times then I can remember and they have always turned out to be nothing worth worrying about. The last time, I had a lump removed from my upper leg even though the doctors said it was nothing. It looked like a big hunk of chicken fat when they removed it. I didn't care what they said, I wanted the peace of mind. I hate lumps. :)

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I would be flipping out, and I haven't had cancer. you poor thing. it's a good time to try your hardest to be in the moment, I think. the lumps may well be nothing - I also had a lumpy thing removed in Nov. that was a lipoma, big piece o' fat that apparently just happens sometimes.

at any rate, even if it does turn out to be 'something' - you can handle it!! and we're here, supporting and praying.



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Hi Kathy,

Wow, sorry for all your worries now. I understand your concern, but lets just wait till we get the results. Seriously, they really may turn out to be nothing, maybe some cyst on your colon, also you neck. You really don't know yet. Let's take it as that right now.

Keep us informed of everything.

Extra prayers sent out to you.


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A colonoscopy isn't too bad, the PREP is the icky part and you sleep through the actual procedure. You sleep WELL for 45 minutes or so. Don't get too stressed over it, it IS a crappy test (hehehe), but it's also pretty common - and hey, if all these tests are completed this year, your deductible is probably already paid!

Speaking of stress, where do you carry your stress? Some people carry it in their neck, others in the shoulders and some in the back. This lump on your back could be from you stressing over things, a "knot" of tension. I get 'em between my shoulders at the base of my neck when I'm really, really stressed. It IS something that can be touched and the knot itself hurts. Relax....

Heart stuff...well, how have you been feeling? How's your coloring? My dad was almost blue in a gray kinda way when he had his bypass a few years ago. We didn't realize he was so sick because the color change was gradual - after surgery, he was pink like a Kewpie doll. You COULD have heart issues, and then again, it could be stress. I have had chest pains to the point of being sent to ER by my doctor - it was stress.

I'm not saying not to worry at all and to blow off the tests, please follow up on them, but give yourself some breathing room, too.

All my best,


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Our prayers join with those of all your friends here.

Kathy, we are praying for strength and patience for you and that the tests reveal that this was a bit of a tempest in a teapot.

Hang on and don't forget to breathe and TRUST ~ always trust.

This is too much at one time to think about for you..........let us have some of it for now. One thing at a time, one breath at a time.

We care.

Love Brat

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I'm praying for you right now. I hope that it turns out to be nothing of significance. I have had quite a few lumps removed and they were all benign cysts. I have been pretty lumpy all of my life. It would be kind of stupid to say don't worry, but at least try to put it on the back burner until you get your results. Life is too short to spend it worrying.


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Kathy, Kathy, Kathy,

I do so identify with your feelings as I, too, tend to put the cart before the horse. So...easy for me to say but...try to deal with one thing at a time. I BET one by one each will be eliminated or easily remedied. Until then, TRY to relax.

Like I said, easier said than done, I know.

Thinking and praying the best,


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Kathy...try not to panic! I just went through something very similar at a routine physical. I ended up scared to death. The doctor insisted that I ahve an EKG and a chest xray before leaving the office. After the EKG, I had to have a Thallium stress test. The doctor told me they were looking for blockage! I was all ready to schedule time off for work for the bypass. But...the stress test showed no blockage! So, I think sometimes doctors just like to order a lot of tests to make sure about things. But, like my son said, it's better to have the test and fix the problem than not to know there is a problem. I'm saying prayers that everything is fine!

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Thank you all so very much for your thoughts and prayers, I'm happy to say they worked :)

I saw my GP today, my doctor I totally trust with my life, he's never been wrong with my health.

My 6 month lung scan is my favorite friend NED :D:D

The lump in my back is just what bunny had, a lipoma, harmless fatty tissue, but he IS going to remove it to ease my mind.

He is 95% sure that thing the other doctor called a lump is nothing but would like me to go ahead with the colonoscopy since I am over 50 and have never had one.I'm OK with that even though it does sound "crappy", thanks Fay. :shock:

He says it doesn't feel like a tumor at all, it's just a little more dense than the other side.

Oh, and he did say it would not be a met, it would be another primary which would make it most likely curable.

He talked to the cardiologist and I may end up having a problem but they can fix it before it would lead to something dangerous like an attack. I don't mind having a shunt, stint or whatever it is called if my arteries are blocked, at least it won't be the big C. I go in Monday to for the stress test and to get my verdict.

This afternoon I was so scared I could hardly drive to the doctor but I feel so much better, looks like I got at least 3 out of the 4, maybe even 4.

Thanks again


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Some very good news!!! It's always so easy to jump to conclusions and have all these wild ideas run through our heads and make us crazy! I do this all the time. since cancer hit our family, it seems like I look at every bump, cough or skin irritation in a whole new light! I am so thrilled that the news is good! Everything else should be a piece of cake!!!

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