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Limited Small Cell


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I'm a 3 1/2 year survivor of Limited SCLC. There are many others on the board with similar history. Your Mom is young and that works favorably for her in this situation. I had 16 treatments twice daily of radiation, 4 rounds of Cisplatin & Etoposide. It was a difficult two months of treatment, I experienced anemia, dehydration, neuropathy in my hands and feet and unfortunately the radiation gave me hypothyroidism since it hit my thyroid. HOWEVER, I'm STILL HERE.('m 52 by the way). Small cell is aggressive so it's very good that they're taking care of her right away and not delaying. Maybe you can get more info by looking under the Forum SCLC. Also, try and have someone with your Mom when she talks to the doctor to confirm what they are saying. I wish her luck and will pray for her successful battle.


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Thanks for your help. I think my mom may be going through treatment similar to yours, the meds sound familiar. But she mentioned it will take 4-6 months, and yours were in a 2 month span. Also she is only schedule for 1 round of chemo, then 21 days of nothing b/f the radiation. Does this sound right? should they do something in those 3 weeks?

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