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9-15 Update on Brian


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Hi Pat,

I echo many people here about the appointments being moved up and also that his RBC goes up and that will make him feel better.

My candle is still lit for Brian and I pray for good, positive results from all this.

Mega prayers going out to Brian and you from so many here.

I know things will change for the better and he will be playing checkers with his grandaughter again. And Oct.22 is still a while away, and he will be so much better and stronger and will be glowing at his sons wedding.

Hang in there and keep the faith. We are all pulling for him.


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I hope this weekend isn't as long as it sounds like it might be. Waiting is always so very hard. My prayers are with you both. I, too, hope that the symptoms are from the chemo doing its job and that the neuropathy gets better. Will be waiting right here for your post in the good news section.


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Add me and my prayers to the list! Always am trying my darnedest to get a word in edgewise to the best ear in the universe for you guys.

Remember that horrid voice you heard on the telephone? That was mine! Voice problems have been troublesome for me off and on throughout this whole ordeal. It is back to "normal" again! I don't know what the explanation with me is Pat. I had it checked out a long time ago by an ENT and came out good, so I decided to put it on my long list of things not to worry about anymore. (I did worry for a bit with that one too!)

Praying for a weekend that flies by!

love, Cindi o'h

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