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Confused about treatment


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I'm not sure i'm getting the full story from my mom b/c i wasnt there when the doctors talked to her. Maybe you guys can help me decipher. She started chemo--a med. that started with a C and one with an E? Then in 21-28 days she starts radiation 2x a day, but she didnt say how long. And What are considered "rounds" and what are "cycles" and "doses". This is all confusing to me. I want to make sure she gets better as quick as possible. Does this make sense to anyone who could maybe explain whats going on?

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Too bad you are not able to go to the doctors with your Mom, it would help you.

I think Joannie has had a a treatment like your Mom. Read her reply to your last post "Limited Small Cell"

Donna G

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We have the same problems with getting limited, somewhat confusing information. Perhaps your mom could take a tape recorder with her to the appointments if someone is not able to be with her and take good notes.

We have been trying really hard to make arrangements for a family member to go to the appointments with my FIL.

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