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Feeling better


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Well, after a week of steroids and inhalers and oxygen, I am not cured but I am feeling much better. I visited both oncologists for followup today and they both were impressed by the improvement since last week. They are in agreement based on my CT scan last week and my symptoms that this is radiation pneumonitis. My prednisone is "low dose", but since it seems to be doing the job without unwanted side effects, they want me to stick with it as it is. I am still short of breath, but am able to get around my house. I am still not doing crazy things like cooking or cleaning house, but it is a relief to be able to get to the bathroom without with dragging the portable oxygen or having to recover for 5 or more minutes!

Tonight I start Iressa. Maybe this one will finally have a positive impact on my nasty tumor!


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It was good to hear a bit of improvement has come your way...every bit helps. The housekeeping ALWAYS waits...darn it!!! I hope friends, family, or KFC are helping out on the cooking. Sending best thoughts your way.

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How's it going with Iressa, Becky? I'm hoping it is working as well for you as it did for me during that firs week. Actually, I'm hoping it works out BETTER for you, by working extremely well not just for months but for many years to come...

Fay A.

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So glad for some improvement...even those little steps are reason for celebration and thanksgiving. I am on a clinical trial of either Iressa or another similar drug...am on my tenth week. The drug is keeping everything stable right now and I have had almost no side effects. My oncologist has told me some wonderful results from Iressa and he has been involved with it from the very beginning. I pray that you are one of those success stories.

Peace and blessings,


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