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Getting to Know You - September 16


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Doesn't everyone?

Shooting stars are supposed to be the best - I've seen a few of 'em in my life, but am so awed by watching 'em zoom across the sky that I don't think to make a wish until later... Brain lag, I tell ya... :wink:

I wish on birthday cake candles too, common wishes for different ages:

Young kids at a party with parents: "Please don't let 'em spit when they blow..."

My own, as the candles get more numerous: "Please let me get them all blown out in at least two breaths..."

I'm SO looking forward to the birthday that I really do need the fire extinguisher to get all the darn candles out! 8) I'm going to Frank's 100th birthday party, too, whether he invites me or not - and if he doesn't invite me, I'll beat him with my cane!

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I absolutely do wish on stars! I think there is something very beautiful, peaceful and magical about being out in the dark with only a sky full of stars. I love starry nights and full moons! Most of the time when I see a star now I can't help but wonder if Dennis is seeing that same star from somewhere very far away.

Snowflake, regarding the birthday candles....I'd just as soon not go there. I'm getting to the point of considering having the fire department stand by to extinguish the flames!!!

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Yes, I do wish on a star. My dad used to take my hand and look up in the galaxy and told me to pick a special star and when I feeling blue or happy and I want to wish for something wish on my favorite star.

That will stay with me forever, just like his memory.

I didn't realize it at the time but my star was the brightest in the sky, that turns out to be the planet Venus, who is the godest of Love, so I picked a good one. :)

Maryanne :wink:

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The little ditty was:

Star light, star bright

First star I see tonight

I wish I may, I wish I might

Have this wish come true tonight.

This was made on the first star you see when you looked up into the night sky.

One night the first "star" I saw was moving pretty fast. :shock: Not a shooting star...it turned out to be an airplane.:lol:

Now...I make sure the star is really stationary before I make my wish. :roll:

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Not so much any more, because where I live I can't see them for the trees! When I was growing up in West Texas, you could see the night sky go on and on and on forever - what a beautiful sight it was. I love the trees here in Tennessee, but it bothers me a bit that I can't always see the stars, and when a storm is coming, I can't see that either! We could see a tornado coming from miles away in West Texas, not to mention billions of stars!


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well I guess I am the jaded one. I no longer, wish, dream or hope. I also have doubts on the power of prayer.

I guess the one thing cancer did rob me of besides both my parents, father in law and sister who is still battling it, is that I have lost all my faith.

I am not trying to start any arguments at all with my above statement, just that its how I feel now.

wished and hoped and prayed very hard for mom to get better and she didn't, same for dad and he didn't. Didn't pray at all for sister and she is the only one still alive.

what has happened to me....

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