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Another getting to know you....September 16


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High school, 10th grade homeroom. Both our last names begin with an L. (at least my initials did not change). This was first love for both of us. We went together through 10th grade, broke up and actually we both went our separate ways. I was actually engage to someone else.

We met again accidently in New York (fate) and started dating again. Joel was drafted, and was sent to Germany (thank G-d not Vietnam) when he came home we married about 1 year after that.

This is a very short version. So much more but too much to write!

So we do not have to wonder what happened to our first love as we married each other. It has been 36 years now but I have know him 43 years :)

Thanks for this post Ann, I can't wait to read all the responses.

Maryanne :wink:

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Met my DH at a college party on 9/9/82. I had to hang w/ the freshman (I was a sophmore) as all my friends were up and at the bar and I wasn't of age ... He was one of the freshman group I was a mentor for. And for those who might wonder, he is actually **3** days older than me. We have known each other now for 23 years, married 17.

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I was working a few shifts a week at a Shoney's resturant in Knoxville, Tennessee to help pay my college tuition. I normally only worked three shifts a week but had picked up a shift from a friend that wanted off. Well, Dennis was visiting a friend in Knoxville and the two of them came in for coffee. Well, they were seated in my area and we immediately started flirting with each other. After about an hour the two of them left. To my surprise, I looked up later and there was Dennis...again! He drank coffee during my entire shift and wanted to get together after work. I declined but gave him my phone number and told him to call me the next day (Saturday) and we would do something. He called me early in the morning on Saturday and although I answered the phone, I was still asleep and hung up on him. Thank God he was persistent and he called me back later in the morning. We had a wonderful day together that lasted for 25 years! God, I miss this that guy!

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I met my husband at work. I was a single mom and working as a temp because no one was "hiring". I met Mark when the woman I was filling in for took me around the office and although I met him in the hall, I never realized how freakin' TALL he is! The poor guy never had a chance....

Mark used to talk to me while waiting for his experiments to time out - here's where his nickname came from, he was using a heat chamber (oven) and heating up cylindrical plates... When he'd stop by, I'd ask if he had another batch of cookies in the oven...

The man could make me laugh, and when I moved on to my next job, he asked me out to dinner because he missed my smile and my wicked sense of humor...

He was my best friend, I never once thought he was romantically interested in me, he was "safe" and he was just "too old"... Yeah, a sly old fox! LOL

I met him in November of 1999 and we were married in June of 2002. Seems like I've known him forever....

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Ann, I love this one. can't wait to read everyone's!! here's mine -

through friends, towards the end of 2001, I'd met a cute, charming Irishman named Paul. we became friends, and I had sort of half a crush on him. one day in April of 2002, I saw Paul across a room, walked right up to him, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. when I pulled away, he was looking at me like I was insane. I walked away thinking o-kay, clearly he's not my biggest fan. :roll:

a few minutes later, I hear "Paul" introduce himself to someone, as "David". yep, they're brothers. Dave had never seen me before in his life when I walked up and kissed him! :oops: anyway, Paul finally arrived and it all made sense. after we all had brunch, I asked Dave for a ride on his Heritage (motorcycle). (I'm shy, right 8)) we proceeded to go for a ride together that day and every Sunday for months - spending about 10 hours together at a clip.

after the first 2 rides, I stopped seeing the other men I'd been dating (not as bad as it sounds, we're talking dinners...) even though Dave and I didn't become serious until that Sept. I never chose him, once he was there it was as if he'd always been. hopefully, he always will be, too. our families are lobbying hard for a ring/wedding sometime soon :lol: so we'll see...

oh, and Paul is a good friend/brother to me now.

you need to know, when I met Dave I was well into planning a life alone, I could not imagine ever wanting or having a partner or husband. we're very different - Irish/American, Catholic/Judeo-Christian mutt, blue collar/white collar. I only noticed that when others started to point it out, and by then I already loved him...

reminds me of something a friend used to say

"grace is enough, if you cooperate with it."



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I met Earl when I was the manager of a computer service bureau and he worked for IBM. He would come to my office about once a month, but we just talked, no flirting, no anything. In 1976, I went to work for IBM and Earl was in the same office.

We started having lunch together. At social functions he always seemed to be by my side and I would run away, I didn't want anyone to think I was having an office romance. (I wasn't - at least not in the beginning.)

The rest is history. He was my friend first and then became my heart. The best way to do it, I think.

P.S. Earl always swore he knew the first time he met me that he would marry me.

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Oops...thanks to Maryanne for pointing out my boo-boo! I should have worded this SO/ significant other rather than spouse. I am so sorry...please forgive me. I was only working on one cup of coffee when I posted the question. So...everyone post about how you met that special someone!!!

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It was 1994.

I was a widow.

Brian had been alone 23 years. He raised his 2 daughters all by himself. Their mom ( a true love of Bri's) was dx w/ paranoid schizophrenia right after their younger daughter was born. She became progressivly sicker over the years...............It is so sad.


I had been "volunteered" by friends determined to get me out of the house to help cook at a fund raiser/breakfast for the local police depart. They were raising funds to buys Teddy Bears for children in accidents.

Brian had been "volunteered' by friends determined to get him out of the house, too.

We worked next to each other all morning. I thought his wife was about and he thought my husband was around somewhere, too.

Well, after clean/up the 'leader' of our motley group asked who would like to take some leftovers home.

In unison (as if rehearsed) Brian and I answered: "No thank you, it is just me".

We were rather embarrassed and he looked at me and quietly said: "We should do something about that."

So we did.

We got married a year later on June 17, 1995.

I still have the little teddy bear pins they handed out that day. It turned out I had saved mine and for some odd reason Brian saved his.

I was scared to take another chance that someone would leave me again, as Tom had.................Brian ended up by promising never to leave me by dying before me..............so you see the pressure this LC dx has put him under!

He is the kindest man on earth, gentle, patient, giving, honest and true. He is my greatest blessing. I love him like fire.


Thanks for asking. This was purely cathartic for me.



BTW, Snowflake, Becky, friend................the above is all the more reason I steer way around beer trucks!

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Met my Paul 2 days before Christmas in 1969. I had returned from a loooooong summer off exploring western Europe to the bank where I'd worked before...only this time, I was applying for a job in the personnel dept. rather than at a branch office, where I'd been before.

Paul worked for the bank too, in the personnel dept. We met and he was so serious I was just sure he was in his late 30's. I was a young 23 y/old.

Found out a couple of months after I was hired as the receptionist in the department...that he was only 27....so I....uh.....took another look! :wink:

That department did a lot of things as a group...like parties at each other's homes, Friday nights after work playing pool and having a couple of beers, etc. Thru this we got to know each other as friends and Paul thought the guy I was dating was a jerk. :roll: He later told me he was determined to "get me away from that jerk".

Well he did. We started dating finally, the end of 1970. Dated five weeks and he put a ring on my finger. Seemed a bit impulsive to some (and of course the personnel dept. had a pool going...is she preggo or not? Will she actually marry him or not? :roll: Those loonies waited three plus years for me to produce a baby. Maybe they thought I was an elephant? Ya think?)

Anyway...he had a 7 yr. old son and we had two more boys together. I quit making babies then, knowing I was well on my way to a starting line up for basketball. 8)

No regrets. Some hair pulling, some angst, a pity party or two and ONE tossed glass of wine most of which ended up deflected onto a wall :wink: ...but no regrets. :D

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I met Jeff at a concert for a reggae band that I used to like in college. When I saw him, I thoght he looked nice, but figured he had a girlfriend. My friend knew his friend and told him that I was interested. Lovely, huh? I was so horrified..anyway..he called and I just thought he was so nice and smart! He asked about me and seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say.

We went out a few days later and were pretty much together from that time on. That was in 1993. We were married in 1996.

I love your stories..keep them coming! Pat, your story brought tears to my eyes..in a good way!


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We met in 1958 on a blind date - for coffee on campus. We're still friends with the couple who arranged this. Neither of us were "into" blind dates, but our mutual friends insisted. It was his little red mg, fraternity presidency, and high grades as a philosophy major that convinced me to meet him. (The last guy I had dated was on the brink of failing out of school.) We married in 1961 when he was working on his Ph.D (in psychology). Last weekend end we celebrated our 44th anniversary!

Muriel K

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Oh Ann, the things you stir up! These are great to read! And Pat and Brian, you two were meant to be.

I was in college at Texas Tech in the dustiest town in the U.S., Lubbock, Texas. My girlfriend tended bar at a small pub/pool hall down the street from the campus. She told me that I should come in and meet this really handsome guy that was in town working on a construction job and ate his lunch at the pub. (Okay, I'm sure he had beer too, but they did serve lunch from the place next door.) I said "No Way".

I popped in one day to see her and I knew as soon as I saw him sitting at the bar eating. Sandy blond hair, startling blue eyes, white T-Shirt covering the broadest shoulders I had ever seen. I was so embarrassed and didn't stay long. (He swears we set this up!). Later, I ended up offering to cook him dinner at his place because he wouldn't ask me out! And you know I hate to cook! We dated and then he moved on out of town to the next job. About 3 months later (and a lot of sadness), I decided to skip a college football game committment on a Friday night and went to my Dad's house who lived in town. I was the only one there that night. The phone rang. It was Jim. Apparently he had called there several times with no answer. Was giving it ONE MORE TRY.

Boy, did I dig my claws in then and he never could escape. That was in 1977. I was 18, he was 26.

We married the next year and my Dad was oh so proud that I left college to marry a tank painter! Dad eventually realized that Jim was a good man and made his daughter deliriously happy. And, Jim ended up paying for my college and Dad got a break!

We were blessed with 27 years. I loved that man from the very beginning and it just got stronger with every day. Really miss him.


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Hmmm....I was married, as I like to explain it, for a mere blink of an eye after graduating from college. Unfortunately my new husband had an eye for 'other' ladies....from teenagers to almost 40. That was it for me. I would NEVER go through agony like that again.

Fred's wife had died at the young age of 35 leaving him with 3 young children. He was never going to go through agony like that again.

We met 2 years after her death on a blind date arranaged by his cousin.. We became friends. I was a city girl. He was a country farmer boy. LONG story short....friends for 8 years. What a wonderful guy this was. Loved the kids and they loved me. Finally we both gave up the 'never doing this thing again' and married. We will be married 18 years in April. So altogether that is about 25+ years together.

To this day I thank that 'wonderful' first husband for his wandering eye. Everything happens for a reason. I am a very lucky woman.


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Fascinating stories. Interesting parallels. I met Lucie at Tulane University in New Orleans at a fraternity party, when she was a freshman and I was a senior. We dated off and on that year, and then I graduated and moved on.

I was drafted into the Army and spent two years in Germany. When I returned to New Orleans, I was ready to settle down, and looked up Lucie. She was a senior and getting ready to graduate. Luckily for me, she was not linked to anyone. We started dating, were good friends, got engaged, and actually married three weeks after she graduated. Here we are 46 years later, still very much in love. Don

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Oh My Gosh!! I feel absolutely sinful after all the sweet meetings I read about.

I met Tom in the most UNLIKELY place for me-A BAR!!

I had been divorced about 2 yrs. and was in nursing school. I had a class on a Wed. nite and I remember praying all the way to class about how tired and lonely I had become-raising 3 kids alone and such. Well Thurs. nite was taco nite at a local bar and some of my classmates talked me into going.

That was it. We met, he came over for coffee that evening and 2 yrs later we were married. Nov. 11 will be 16 yrs. Imagine actually picking up a guy in a bar and he had never been married, no kids and he marries me with 3 of them.,WHAT A MAN!!


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First off I absolutley wish on stars. My mom used to have a ranch and the sky was so clear you could always see a shooting star.

I saw my husband Alan for the 1st time when I was a bartender is a small beer bar. He has the most incrediable blue eyes and they literally help me captive. (I was actually engaged to my 1st husband when I saw Alan). Well I could not get him off my mind and even called my Dad who lived in Texas at the time (3:00am his time) and told him about this myster man and his eyes. Naturally my Dad thought I was crazy. Well some years late I was divorced and having a beer in another local bar when this man with these eyes walked in the door, Yup it was Alan. we started dating a few months later. Alan was not sure he wanted to get married again, so I left him (after dating on and off again for 3 years). We both almost married other people when a tragedy in his family brough us together one more time. Well as we were apart for 1 year 3 months and 10 days (his count) he asked me to marry him in Oct. 1991 and we were married on April 4th 1992. He is my soulmate and this has been the best 13.5 years of my life. I actually think I wished on one of those magic stars that I would some day marry my mystery man. I am wishing on the stars every night that we celebrate anniversary 14.


Wife of Alan DX small cell lung cancer 1/10/05

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Ummmmmm....where to start. There are two stories here.

First one. I met Randy at a stop sign at Ft Lewis, WA. I was driving in one car, he in another with some friends of ours. He asked the guy who was driving who I was and he told him. Come to find out we were both in the same platoon. How strange to be around someone for six months and never really "see" them. Once we "met", that was it. We dated for six months and got married in April of 1976. Randy was my best friend for the longest of times...and I do miss him still.

But now for the rest of the story......

After Randy had been gone for about 19 months, I got a phone call from my very first love. We had dated in high school and split up in the spring of 75. That was the last time I saw him....that was until one night I get a phone call and here it was Mike asking if I wanted to meet and have coffee. The rest is history.....Mike and I have been together now since that time and we are making plans. We are both so very very happy.

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Wish I had time to really do this justice.

Charlie and I met on a blind date in a pool hall on "the strip" near the University of TN. He was taking a night class and liked to play pinball at the place afterwards. My roommate had started dating Charlie's best friend over the summer. So they got us together. We dated for 3 years and just celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary.

There were four couples of us that ran around together. We all got married within a year of each other...and we are all still married. Amazing in this day and age.

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These stories are so much fun to read. Its nice to find out happy things about the people on here. Its a shame we can't save this somewhere ( as a sticky or something), so other people who are not here could add their stories in also.

It really is delightful to read all these stories of how we met our love ones.

Take care everyone and have a great weekend.

Good post Ann!!

Maryanne :wink:

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I guess you could say we met on our first date. We were both attending a local college in the Art program but did not have any classes together. My jewelry class had a glass wall and John used to watch me in that class. One day he came up and asked me out, I said no. I had no idea who he was. He asked another time, I said no. Finally he asked a third time and he was much more convincing and did not seem like he was going to take no for an answer. So I said yes.

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