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Bleeding around incision?


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I got an email from my SIL this morning, saying that my FIL had some bleeding around the area of the incision yesterday. This is so hard because no one lives close enough to them to stop in and check on them - I am loading up my babies after work today to drive the 2 1/2 hours there - will stay with my parents, and am going over to my inlaws tomorrow morning to help them out with whatever they need help with.

History - surgery 9/8, chest tube #1 out Tues Sept 13, chest tube #2 out Wed Sept 14, home Wed Sept 14. Is it "normal" that he would have some bleeding at this point. I called my MIL and she is a bit disjointed in her descriptions, but it sounds like it bled enough to run down his side. They called the surgeon, but didn't hear back for almost a full day (I have huge issues with that!) but I think that when they talked to the nurse she said to bandage it back up and leave the bandage on for 48 hours. I have a feeling that they may have rushed into taking the bandage off and showering, which may have caused the bleeding. I also am not sure now whether it was the surgical incision, or where the chest tubes were that was bleeding?

One other thing...I talked to her at 10 am, and she said that he was sleeping, and that he hadn't taken a pain pill since last night before he went to bed. Is it bad for him to wait so long in between? Or will his pain be manageable enough by now? It has only been one week, and with all the jostling of getting out of the hospital, 1 1/2 hour car ride, and then getting home, I think that he should give it a couple more days.

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My incision wept blood and other liquids for almost two months. I was back to work for weeks, totally released for normal activities, and on a golf trip with friends when someone noticed a pinpoint of blood on my shirt at the incision site. Mind you, it was mostly healed by that time, but there was one little area that took longer.

As far as the pain meds go, that's different for everyone. I took my medication as directed for the first week because I didn't want the pain to get ahead of me and then tapered off to nothing after another week, but if he's doing fine with less, than that's ok. Only thing my doc said was that there's no extra credit for pain, so there would be no reason to endure it. I was to speak up if I had pain, and they would make sure it went away. Pain impedes healing, so they want you as pain-free as possible.

Actually, it sounds like he's doing really well, and I hope it stays that way.


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Thanks so much Cindy! It is comforting to know that this is not abnormal. I think I will feel better once I can see them in person.

I love your dr's statement - "there is no extra credit for pain". I will have to relay that to him!

You are right, he is doing amazingly well...guess I am just afraid of something bad happening.

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Darci, my mom has also had various amounts of bleeding and oozing from her surgery incisions (chest tubes, etc.). we were told that so long as there is no sign of infection (yellow oozing, red and hot around it, fever) it's OK. my mom is also still being watched by a nurse 2x a week, though, who checked her most recent chest tube incision until the scab fell off a couple days ago.

it sounds like he's doing great. tell him we're rooting for him, and you keep up the good work, too!



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