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tarceva and dryness....


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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone on Tarceva has experienced the extreme "dryness."

My Mom has been on Tarceva since June. In the last few weeks she has seen a change. Her skin, her eyes, and now even her nose is very, very dry. I think I remember reading somewhere about this, but just wanted to make sure it isn't anything to be worried about.



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Brian's problems were mostly skin related. He was on Tarceva only 6 weeks.

He used Olay After Bath Moisturizer. It really helped him and it helped SBeth's husband, Bill, too.

His eyes hurt and were irritated, but he was taken off Tarceva before we did anything about that.

I will PM you next time we visit my sister in your town of Elgin or next time she is coming here.

We have a huge bottle of that Olay potion that I would be happy to share w/ your mom.

Hugs for you and for mom.

BTW, wasn't it nice of Brian to save the positive Tarceva results for your mom???? Tell her we are so sure that she will have good response.



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Take Iressa instead of Tarceva. Extremely dry skin. I put on the store brand of Alpha Kerrie oil and lots of lotions like Eucerin. When I take off my shirt, flakes of skin get flipped into the air. It is almost like a cloud of skin flakes. Drinking lots and lots of water is supposed to be helpful. Some petroleum based lotions are used by some. Sure hope your mom can get some help with dryness. praying for her and you. pammie

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