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Well I have been out for a while, I haven't had much time to even read very many posts much less have the time to respond.

Ronnie had a medi-port put in then started chemo the next day. I felt so bad about not being here for the first treatment but I had to be at the state conference on Autism that day. A wonderful friend was able to take him and pick him up. He has done well but I can tell the nausea has really gotten to him. He also seems to be going into a depression and keeps refering to death and how he won't be here for this or that. I am trying hard to keep things as normal as possible and encourage him to keep doing the things that he finds so much enjoyment in.

I just have to share this story, then I'll shut up for a while...

I was at the grocery store the other day selecting something special to cook for him. When I asked for a pound of the large scallops the lady behind the counter put them in a bag with some ice and was about to hand them to me when she said, "My, those sure are expensive." I just looked at her and said, "They are for my husband, he has lung cancer, and this is his one of his favorite meals, nothing is too expensive for him." and wakled away. When I reached the check out I was trying my best to hold back tears. The checker asked me if I was ok by this point. I explained what had happened at the seafood counter as politely as possible trying to hold back the tears. The checker picked them up looked at them, and without scanning them, put them in a bag with my other groceries. I could not talk by now, but glanced up to catch his name. Beside his name was the word 'Manager.' The next day I wrote him a Thank You note...

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Well, welcome to the Cancer boat, Darlene.

Let me scootch over to make some room. Good story. I hope he loved the scallops. My daddy in BAytown is gonna get to have some carboplatin too. Looks like your Ronnie has had a tough time for a while.. I am sorry he's got LC. YOu just let us know what's going on.

Autism conference? I teach Special Ed. in RI. See, we got another connection going on. You post again and let us know how he's doing. take care, hon.


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That is the kind of thing that gets us by

We call it

Grace for the moment.

We are so blessed.

A loving package showed up on our porch again this week.

It feels so warm to have true and honest and understanding friends.

This forum is Grace for Many Many Moments for us.



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Thanks everyone!! I needed that!

You know those jokes by Jeff Foxworthy, 'You might be a Redneck?' Well us midwives have running jokes on 'You might be a midwife.'

~If you can discuss the size of a placenta over dinner, you might be a midwife.

~ If you thought KY jelly only comes in half gallon bottles, you might be a midwife.

~ If you hear the word 'Doppler' on the weather news and think of fetal heart tones, you might be a midwife.

This weekend however my husband has cornered the market on 'You might be married to a midwife.' His nausea had gotten worse and he needed something to help him through it, he called the doctor and asked for medicine for his 'morning sickness.' They almost fainted!

~eppie~ I have a son with Asperger Syndrome. That conference was great! I have needed much help in dealing with the school. I also have a son with ADHD and one with dyslexia, it's real fun around here...want to visit? (you should see our Family Rule Book) I lived in Baytown for about 7 years that's where three of my boys were born.

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Wow, you lived in BAytown, too. I can't believe what a small world this is! Mom and Daddy will totally be amazed when I tell them about all my new cyber friends praying and wishing them well.

The Buddhists have this concept of a prayer wheels spinning thousands of prayers into the universe. I like to think of the internet in the same manner: thousands of prayers and wishes for peace set loose into the cyberspace towards those who are in need. In my mind these prayers manifest themselves in the small acts of kindness just like the one you experienced, Darlene.

Peace to all in pain and fear,

love from Eppie

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One of the most amazing things Alan and I have discovered during this journey, is just how good people are. When Alan was finally mentally stable (pyscosis due to decadron) we went and had our living wills and dual power of attonerys done. After completing all the necessary forms the attorney simply handed everthing to us and said have a nice day. Charged us nothing for her time. In the grand scheme of things it probably did not cost her very much to complete the forms, but it meant everything to Alan and I. So many beautiful people in this world. we need to hear more about these types of stories.

Love and prayers to everyone who are on this unfortunate journey.


husband Alan DX with small cell lung cancer Jan 10th 2005.

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