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The Mummified Lady of Carmel


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On our recent trip to Monterey, California, Mark and I came across some people and events that stuck in our minds. Wanted to share some of our experiences. These may end up being "you had to be there" stories, but, here goes:

I decided to do things on this vacation I normally wouldn't do. So, when the idea popped into my mind, restaurant and have a gooey, rich, expensive desert with fancy coffee!" We found a cute little place that tried to look like a French cafe,complete with recorded accordian music and filled with casually dressed locals and tourists. I didn't feel out of place in my sandy tennis shoes and denim bermudas.

While we waited for the yummies, a woman who had to be in her ninties came in and waited for a table. She was old world Carmel to the hilt. (Carmel has always been an artsy, avante garde community right on the Pacific ocean with a combination of ultra wealthy and starving artist residents.)

Anyway, this woman was dressed to the nines in a designer pants suit, with thick gold bracelets and matching earrings, shiny black patent leather shoes and matching bag, and what was no doubt the world's first face-lift! She was absolutely mummified! Have you ever seen a photo of the mummy of King Tut or Ramses? That was her! I don't think she could move her face at all.

Everone around us was nudging their table partners and gesturing in her direction. An old man, also dressed to the nines, showed up and they took a table. It must have been a blind date or something because it was obvious the woman thought the man was a big crashing bore once they were seated. She never said a word and kept looking around the room as he went on and on about himself. But her expression never changed - it couldn't!

I never did decide if she still thought she looked stunning or if she had just learned to accept the mistake she'd made with her face years ago. But watching the mummified woman of Carmel was as enjoyable as the special lemon tart and latte that cost me $14! :shock: I repeat... :shock:



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