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Hi ~

Have recently found out I have a gallstone caught in my bile duct so have to have gallballder removed on the 28th. They have talked of doing it with laproscopy, but said that it sometimes causes to much pressure on the lung due to the induced gas (on those of us that have had a pnuemonectomy) so may have to revert to standard operating procedure. Anyone out there with only one remaining lung have the lap done and how did you make out? Thanks.

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I am missing 55% of my right lung as of February 2003. December 2003, my gall bladder was removed with the laproscopic procedure.

I didn't go through anything special with anesthesia - BUT...

Six weeks ago, I had a hysterectomy. Full bore, big slice, no laproscopy choice in the matter. I had to meet with anesthesiology per my OB/GYN. According to the anesthesiologist, I would be just fine under general anesthesia (I didn't want an epidural - long story involving fear of needles, etc.). He said that he would be more concerned were it laproscopic and I told him that no one seemed real concerned when I had gall bladder surgery just 10 months after lung surgery!

Moral? Be sure, meet with the anesthesia department prior to the procedure...

...and as for healing after the gall bladder surgery, try to follow all directions on getting that air outta there. Also, get yer butt up off the couch and WALK. I shopped the mall with my mother for six hours the day after surgery and I was back to work in a week...(I had an ice pack I kept on the sore spots while walking and took my pain medication right on time for a few days).

Good luck!

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No Kidding? Hummmmmm I had my Gall blader out 4 years ago with Lyproscopic proceedure and I never had a problem. I'm a one lunger also.

Heck, I had open heart surgery twice within 10 weeks 2 years ago, and I came through that too! :shock::wink:

I didn't think it was a big deal. I was in and out and home 4 hours after they removed it. To me it was like removing a wart, compared to what I've been through! :wink:

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Hi Sandra,

Just thought I would throw this 2 cents in, although I do not have lung cancer and I have both of my lungs. I had my gallbladder removed laprascopically and no one mentioned anything about possible air problems. All I know is that I had very bad pain in right upper chest, shoulder and neck. Could not lay down on my back at all and didn't understand why. It passed within a few days but I didn't realize what it was until afterwards when I did some research. It sounds like some get it, some don't.

Good luck! (And you should factor in that I am a weenie when it comes to pain and have a very low pain tolerance. )


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