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Tips for getting out anger and frustration


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Found these tips on line. I find doing physical stuff like this really makes me feel better. Hope it helps others! Also, there's a link for a cool on-line relaxation guide. Check it out!


b]Anger Work-Out[/b]

Anger work-out refers to a healthy and full expression of anger on inanimate objects; not on people so as to rid myself of hostility and aggression aroused by my anger. Each of the following techniques could be used alone or in any combination.

beating on pillows

beating on a mattress

stomping on floor

beating a bed with tennis or racquetball racket

beating a rug with a stick

hitting a weight bag or punching bag

physical exertion, i.e., playing racquetball, tennis, hand ball, etc.

yelling in a car with windows closed

yelling in a paper bag

ripping up a telephone book or newspapers

hammering nails in a board

games in an amusement park that require pounding

throwing soft objects

beating a pillow or bed with a foam or plastic bat

karate or judo practice

beating drums

loud yelling

screaming at a concert or sports event

screaming in a vacant field or park

using a shovel to dig holes in the dirt

hitting balls or stones with a baseball bat

hitting a ball against a wall with racket or hand

bowling to hit all the pins down

writing a letter of anger, but ripping it up the next day - not mailing it

expressing feelings by writing in a journal

wringing a wet towel

using a hammer to smash glass in a bag

kneading bread or play dough


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Thanks Leslie! I really enjoyed the web site. I think this is the first "vacation week" I've taken since Jim died where I've stayed in town, mostly at the house. Was more difficult than I thought it would be and the relaxation exercises really made me feel those tense muscles go soft.

Thanks again!


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Chopping and stacking wood worked for me this past week. I loaded our Ford f150 twice and unloaded it. I stacked a about a cord. The chopping ws really great. Just pretended the log was cancer. Felt great and good to be helping my family stay warm this winter.

I also love to lift weights.

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