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Update for Fay A.

Fay A.

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No internet access in my little apartment room on the Campus of the hospital, so I haven't been able to check in. I was released from ICU on 9-11. Spent Sunday and Monday nights on the regular ward, and Tuesday was released to the apartment. It was, frankly, too soon to release me. But I got through it, and I am recovering from everything. I suspect that the reason things are not going as well as I beleived they would when the whole idea of a thoracotomy on my only lung came up is because of the damage done to both the lung, the pleura, and the chest wall in the biopsy gone bad.

But, the good news is that today I felt well enough to walk from the apartment to the office to use their computer. It's the equivalent of about a city block. I'm on oxygen, but as I've always said, being on supplemental O2 is not the worst thing that can happen to someone.

I've run out of gas, so I need to head back to the room. Thank you for your continuing prayers. I'll try to catch up with everyone else when I eventually am released to home. And not a day goes by that I don't remember you each in my prayers.

Much Affection,

Fay A.

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Dear Fay,

I am feeling SO much better hearing from you. I was becoming very worried and anxious. So many PRAYERS for healing, friend. Wish I could guarantee results. If wishing could do it, well, you would be home enjoying a marguerita at this very moment.

Continue to recuperate and heal. Just a word from time to time to reassure us would be just too wonderful! I am hoping you are up to another walk very soon to get your messages from us!



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