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getting to know you September 19


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Things I have learned

It is very obvious from the response to my post about words that we have all learned a lot through our experiences. I thought that might be an interesting topic to explore. I will post a few of the things I have learned and I invite everyone to do the same.

I have learned that if I am comfortable with what I am wearing that I look good in no matter what I wear.

I have learned that what others feel about me may be important but how I feel about myself is what really matters.

I have learned that a day can seem to drag on forever but at the end of the year it seems the whole year has taken wings

I have learned that when we put a lable on someone we are really labeling ourselves

I have learned that love, faith and hope can do more toward healing a body and a spirit than most medications

I have learned that the little things that we take for granted and sometimes don't notice will be the ones we cherish most when we lose someone we love

I have learned that the value of a person does not lie in the wealth they have or the number of friends but in the life experiences they have known

I have learned that the gift people treasure the most is not gifts of things but gifts of ourselves

I have learned that sometimes we have to reach our lowest point before we can start to climb up again

I have learned that being loved is a beautiful thing but that loving with everything I have and am is the most precious thing in my life

I have learned that real friends are those who can share your pain as well as your joy and will share theirs with you

I have learned that life does not always play fair but that doesn't mean that I shouldn't

I have learned that real peace comes from within and I can only gian it through knowing and understanding myself and my God

I have learned that real love doesn't hold you in it's grasp but allows you to fly on your own with the knowledge that if you fall that love will be there to catch you

I have learned that I can make a difference

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