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Brian's Oncology visit 9-19-05


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I guess it is close enough to the first day of fall for Apple Crisp.

Are we birthday twins?

9-21-46. Twins...but born a year apart! :lol: And truly...apple crisp (w/ lots of brown sugar, oatmeal and cinnamon in the topping making it about an inch thick!!) is one of my most favorite desserts! Bring it on. Don't bother to wrap any, we'll eat it RIGHT NOW!

Do you know....if you ask 58 random people...they say you will find a birthday twin. In all my (almost) 59 years I have only known of ONE other Sept. 21st birthday...the daughter of a gal I "met" thru cyberspace on my old "doggy boards".

Now today...I find you, Ry's son and even a woman in chemo today knew a 9/21 birthday person.

Feast or famine...but I'd say this is gonna be one fine party....and I bet Cindi will have drinks half price.

I'm taking a sheet cake in on Wed. when I go for chemo...and on the top of it will be printed, NOT Happy Birthday but.....


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Pat and Brian ---

I do like the SIGNIFICANT REDUCTION !!!! It does sound like you have a wonderful dedicated oncologist who really really is trying to look after Brian's needs the best he can. I do hope Brian makes it to and enjoys the wedding. As always, prayers continue for the both of you.

Gail p-m

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Pat and Brian,

Significant reduction sounds good to me as well. I had carboplatin and vp-16 for my treatments and did ok. Each of us is different and I pray that the results continue to be good on the new combo. Now we got to get him feeling better and stronger for that wedding.

I hope you and Addie have great birthdays and I'll buy the first round of whatever at Cindi's for you both. Want some ginger ale?

Keeping you in my prayers.


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Yes, ginger ale and apple crisp!!

Hope Cindi's computer is back soon.

Addie, Ry,

One more 9/21 birthday: Daniel, my eldest son was born on my 19th birthday. 9/21/66.

I get to hug him 2 times this week. Tuesday night for birthday dinner and Saturday night for our joint birthday dinner / cake with the larger family group.

and guess what:

Brian is looking forward to it.

This good news has truly been a respite for us.

We are absolutly renewed.

Even though things may get rough again we will be able to fight with new strength and reserve.

God is Good.

Our friends here are so very very treasured.



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Come tomorrow Bri and I will coat any remaining tumors with frosting and "kill 'em with sweetness"...how's that for an idea? :wink:

Might mean you have to eat some dry cake, Pat...but you won't mind, will you? :roll:

And yet ANOTHER 9/21 b-day w/ your oldest son, Pat. My youngest was born on 9/17/78....so he was nearly my birthday twin.

We'll have cake running out our ears by the time we're done with this month!

So glad Bri's mood has picked up too and that he's got things to look forward too. Makes a lot of difference to be looking ahead to ANYTHING as opposed to feeling stuck in a sad rut, doesn't it?

Go give that boy another kiss on the top of his noggin for me, will you? :wink:

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Me, too, Bunny~girl,


let's see:

Bill is feeling a bit perkier today

Brian is absolutly smiley

My birthday twin has addietude

Sugar coated tumors

There is a healthy dose of good news in our LCSC family.

We are are loving each other through the bad stuff.

I saw a post from Cindi (does that mean you are getting ready for the birthday party tomorrow?)

Katie, this day would not be 1/2 as good as it is for us if not for the love you put into this forum and

I can not tell you all enough:

we love you!


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Another Birthday Twin for 9/21...or atleast she's scheduled to be here tomorrow! My best friend's new baby girl, Ms. Sophie, is due to be here tomorrow, unless she makes a surprise arrival tonight! There's one more for September 21st!

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Hi Pat,

I was posting to you last night when there was a tremdous crash of thunder and lightning, so I just shut off my computer and went to bed. Anyway, the best thing I got from your post was this:


Thank you, God, for happy news!!



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