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Returning cabanna girl pass.

Frank Lamb

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Back from the beach and turning in the cabanna girl pass.

Had a great time and was amazed at the things I was able to do.Includes walking, running (short distances),swimming under water at pool,flying kites in tropical storm winds,drinking bud lites and eating chocolate donuts.

Only downside I don't travel well.Bowels & kidneys and stomach get confused and require frequent stops.

Not sure if this is related to lung cancer or the beer and donuts.

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Welcome home, Frank. Glad it was a good time :D . Sorry about the frequent 'stops' :( , but hey, that was doable, right?

As for the cabana girl/boy pass. Did you hear I found a cabana boy (CB) with a 6 pack!!!! Yep, and we decided that it was Bud Lite. So there ya go!


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Beer & donuts? Eeeeuuu!

When I saw this topic, my first thought was that you were returning the cabana girl. Yikes! Uh, if you sneaked one into the car, please return her, ok? Maybe that was why you stopped so many times on the way back ... hmmm ...

At any rate, glad you're back, and glad you enjoyed yourself!


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Uh....Frank? It's not the beer and donuts that's the problem...it's that the donuts were CHOCOLATE. :shock: Glazed or plain donuts would have been fine. Beer and chocolate aren't the best combination. :wink:

However....it's impressive all the physical exercise you got in on the vacation. Wow!!

And I'm tickled that you had such a good time, other than all the pit stops on the way home! Welcome back!

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