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Morphine and confusion


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Yesterday when I got to my Moms the Hospice nurse was there. My Moms breathing had become very labored. The nurse had us increase her morphine sulfate drops to help ease her breathing. So after giving her this she slept for over 4 hours. I sat there and counted how many breaths she took (6-8 per minute)and held her hand. When she woke, she was very disoriented and confused. She kept taking off her oxygen and wanted to walk around. We helped her stand and walk a little and then it was like she was on the move again. We did this for about 30 minutes, all the time her talking off her oxygen and getting a little frustrated. I tried to explain to her that taking off the oxygen would not help make it be over any sooner and keeping it on will make her more comfortable. Then, she seemed like she understood, but didn't.

I spoke to our caregiver this morning and the same is going on. She was going to call the nurse to see what time she will be there today so I can head down there for her visit. (I'm at work for now) I'm sure all of this is normal. Her wanting to get up and walk scares me. I'm just worried that she may hurt herself. She's not really been able to speak since last Friday. We are able to make out some of what she tries to say but now with the morphine and the confusion it's all just so hard.

I pray for peace and comfort for my Mom. I pray for God to take her into his arms and hold her until we meet again.

I am so grateful to find this board. Everyone here has been so helpful and kind. Thanks for letting me vent.


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