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Well, tarnation!


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Mom's visit to the Dr. on Friday was a bit disappointing. Her primary tumor is growing, another one has appeared in her lower left lobe. The Dr is concerned about letting this go unchecked.

After saying previously that Mom shouldn't do chemo (b/c of her other med. complications), the dr. is now recommending a couple of rounds of Carboplatin and Gemzar. Previously the Tarceva was Mom's only option, and up until now it has held the tumors in check.

Mom is worried about the whole quality of life scenario. I know that the chemo will be rough on her, but I hope she will choose to try it. She is so young (just 65), and we aren't done with her yet. I know it has to be her decision, and I do respect that.

Mom's spirits are lagging right now. My brothers and I took her out to dinner Friday night, and we had a hoot. My goal right now is to keep things light for her, support her, and let her do what she wants.

Please snd out the good vibes her way.

:) Kelly

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My goal right now is to keep things light for her, support her, and let her do what she wants.

sounds like the absolute best thing to do. Please keep us updated and I will continue to keep your mom and family in my prayers.

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Well, that news is definitely a bummer, isn't it? :cry: But this chemo combo may be just the thing to beat the cancer back! Hope your mom will be one of the people who has a milder-than-expected chemo experience.

She's a brave lady and a lucky one to have such great, suportive kids to get her through this with smiles and lots of love.


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Hi Kelly,

So sorry for this setback. This is so sad for everyone involved.

Your are right, it is your moms decision and you have to respect what she decides. But I hope she will try the chemo as it just may work for her. You don't know until you try it.

Praying for all of you.


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I'm on thesame drugs offered to your mother. I can say that my treatments had no ill effects, except a little nausea on the 2nd or 3rd day - which was controlled easily with a pill. I've only had 3 treatments over the last 8 weeks, but I've felt fine, lost no weight and lost no hair. I have had a problem with low blood counts that have postponed treatment twice. They told me not to worry about it.

Tell your mother that if her concern is quality of life, the chemi won't adversely affect that.

Best wishes.


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I will keep your mom in my prayers, Kelly. Damn this awful disease! We just had a discussion about quality of life with my mom, as her chemo is winding down..I know how you feel when you say you will respect her decision but it's so so difficult for so many reasons.

Gentle hugs and I pray that the new round of treatment will keep things on an even keel.


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Hi Kelly,

You are a wonderful daughter. It's so important, but so hard, to step back and let her decide what she wants to do. (Of course, gentle nudging is always allowed if she asks for guidance!)

Although Jim's cancer was different than your Mom's, he felt remarkably well during his first 6 months of chemo and had a huge amount of tumor shrinkage. He continued to exercise and didn’t lose any weight. He did go through spells of fatigue but he said it was very manageable. One thing we did talk about was that it was always ultimately his decision about pursuing treatment, and he could always stop it at any time. (But then I would remind him that I would cry and throw a tantrum in the middle of the floor but that he shouldn't be influenced by my behavior.)

Hopefully your Mom will decide to give it a try. Either way, she sounds very lucky to have you as her daughter.

Take care,


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