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Getting to Know You - September 20


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Yum...everyone's lunch sounds so good! Wouldn't it be nice if we all lived close enough to really get together and have a picnic?

I would have to have ham& swiss cheese sandwiches and lots of either potato or macaroni salad. Karen's brownies would make great dessert!!!

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I will take a little what everybody is bringing, so I will bring the dessert. Chocolate covered cheese cake, fresh ripe strawberries and whipped cream.

A bottle of red, a bottle of white (it all depends unpon your appitite)

A DVD of the Moody Blues, the one with Tuesday Afternoon... 8)

OOPS... Almost forgot Joel :shock:

Maryanne :wink:

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Jeez, I already ate dinner but now I'm salivating again!

Okay, I'd pack a big loaf of fresh honest-to-goodness real San Francisco sour dough bread, a big chunk of sharp cheddar, a big dry salami, red wine, and seedless watermelon!

I'd also pack a wheelbarrow so Mark could get me back to the car afterwards! :wink:


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I dont know, maybe I have just lead a sheltered life but cannot recall ever going on a picnic with the basket, blanket and all. Sure I have grabbed the bucket of chicken and went to the park and let the kids play or a aftenoon at the lake. I know though when I see picnic backets in stores i always look at them and want one. I just might give this a try as soon as it cools down here in Texas. I would think i would pack cheese,crackers,grapes and even though I dont drink I'm thinking wine goes with this, as well as a nice gentleman.

boy am I dreaming now


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