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I received this via email today...

The American Cancer Society needs your help now. SB 576 is on Governor Schwarzenegger's desk for his signature or veto. California needs SB 576...it will save lives. The American Cancer Society co-sponsored this bill that will require all health plans and health insurers to provide coverage for physician intervention and two course of tobacco cessation treatment per year, including a minimum of four 30 minute counseling sessions and/or FDA approved pharmacotherapy-both prescription and over-the-counter tobacco cessation mediation.

This is the most important tobacco control legislation to pass the state legislature since the

smoke-free workplace bill passed in 1994. But we are getting preliminary indications that the governor is inclined to veto the bill!

We need you to Take Action now and write, email or fax Governor Schwarzenegger.

Let him know you are an American Cancer Society volunteer and you vote.

Tell him to sign SB 576 ... it is the right thing to do.

Please pick up your pen and write a letter or send an email immediately. You do make a

difference...show your power!

Send your letter or email to the following address:

Letter: The Honorable Arnold Schwarzenegger

Governor of California

State Capitol Building

Sacramento, CA 95814

Email: http://www.govmail.ca.gov (http://www.govmail.ca.gov/)

Fax: 916-445-4633


Ø The American Cancer Society is sponsoring SB 576 to help more California smokers quit smoking for good.

Ø In California, 16.6% of adults smoke-that's 4.2 million adult smokers.

Ø Only one in five Californians has health insurance that provides comprehensive coverage for smoking cessation.

Ø Tobacco use is addictive and as many smokers know so well, quitting is difficult.

If a person is addicted to heroin or cocaine they are eligible for treatment for substance abuse - why should a smoker addicted to nicotine not receive the same coverage?

Ø This mandate will increase health insurance premiums only $4-$5 per person per year. This is a bargain considering how much it could reduce the $8.6 billion Californians spend on tobacco-related medical costs every year.


Please let us know that you've delivered the message on SB 576 to Governor Schwarzenegger.

Call: 800-252-6066, Ext. 302

Email: Ann.Goure'@cancer.org (mailto:Ann.Goure'@cancer.org)

Thank you!

Ann Gouré

Director, Grassroots and Media Advocacy

American Cancer Society

California Division

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In our hospital we are required already to offer smoking cessation info to patients, we ask every patient their smoking history ( also alcohol, street drugs etc) I thought it came down from Medicare.

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Heck I just wish that ACS would give LUNG CANCER some Support and Recognition being they are The AMERCIAN CANCER SOCIETY! I wish they would help Lung Cancer Patients the way they help other cancer victims! When ACS starts helping those with LC then I'll offer some help!

Blue Cross Blue Shield has a Smoking Cessation Program, as do most states have one that is State Run by all the Tobacco Lawsuit monies they got during all those lawsuits. I know we have a BIG Smoking Cessation Program here in Minnesota that exists because of Tobacco money.

Oh well, Good Luck!

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