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Kasey's ONE YEAR

Connie B

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Kasey, what an astounding year! I asked Fred if we could borrow you for another 50 years and I'm pretty sure he is going to say yes. I know we all live for today, but I can't help but picture all of us in 50 years, sitting in our cushy rockers, gumming some cake, and remembering back to Kasey's first anniversary. It will seem like yesterday and we will all be so happy. Why do I picture you in the center of our rockers dancing like a maniac and twirling your cane like a baton????......

You are so inspiring,

With love,


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Dear Kasey,

Just the first of many more anniversaries. In a bunch of years, all of us will be sitting around discussing our many face lifts and tummy tucks, looking like Leslie's friend. But we will still be laughing and enjoying this wonderful thing called life.

What's the plan the 2nd anniversary? If it's a party, I'll be there.

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