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Asthma flare ER

cindi o'h

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Spent the night in the ER. Couldn't breathe. I struggled at home for the past 3 days or so, not really knowing what was going on and hoping I would come out of it.

Last night my breathing was so loud and labored and finally I thought, this is stupid. I just had lung surgery and what I have been doing hasn't been working. I need help.

Nice people there. That was the first time at this community hospital. I told them that I was new to town. The doc gave me a prednisone burst 60mg., three nebulizers, and all the diagnostics. What was most impressive, was his courage. He was a young man, 46 years old. He wrote down his name and the name of his wife on a 2X2 steriile gauze sponge packet along with their home phone number. He said that he was having a bonfire at his house on Friday, but because of my asthma, that wouldn't be fitting for me to join this party. He said that he is well connected in town and volunteered to introduce me around. He said that they have lots of get togethers at their house and would like for me to come. Now is that sweet or what? I have never heard of such a thing. I was stunned by this gesture. Most people find out how sick I am and run the other way. This man is a human being who has put on the armor of God. I am still in awe.

feeling better after a few hours of sleep.

As far as the computer goes...I threatened it with the geek squad and it started to behave a bit better.

The geek squad is coming to my place to get me setup for broadband as soon as I buy a printer that they can set up at the same time. Big ticket items for me.

Will let you all know how this encounter with the doc turns out. Of course I will be calling them. You don't say no when an angel comes to help you!

love, Cindi o'h

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Soooo glad you are feeling better today. That must have been kind of scary, as well as a hassle.

What a cool doctor! Maybe all the asthma crud the last few days had to happen to put you in each other's paths! I'll bet this is the start of a really nice friendship for both of you!

Can't tell you to serpentine, 'cause you already did!

So, were you wearing your bikini? 8)


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Thats awesome about the doc and yes totally unhard of. Just goes to show there are still some good ones around. Really glad he found you. This good be just the opportunity for you in your new home. Maybe he has a nice single doc friend too!!!

Are you breathing better today? From the past expereince with mom there have been a few times where we had to do the burst 2 times back to back to see results, so be sure to let your doc know of this is not working. Prednisone usually shows fairly quick results.

Take care



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I would love to sit in the corner (far corner) and watch you charm your snakes. It has to be the answer to why you are always able to charm anyone that comes in contact with you.

You deserve all of this attention. I am so glad you made have made a new friend in your new neighborhood. Hope you feel better by now.


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What is it with you. Everytime you have lemons you always come out with lemonaide.

You are incredible when it comes to meeting the right Docs. They all seem to be drawn to you.

You are such a special lady... You certainly atract the right doctors.. :D

Anyway, I am glad you are feeling better. And don't mess around and play doctor, if something does not jive, get it checked out right away.

Maybe next time you will meet a nice single man in the ER instead of awesome docs. :D Both would be good

I hope you take the Doc up on his invitation. You may meet some really good friends you don't even know you have yet.

Do you believe in fate. :roll:

take care my friend,

Maryanne :wink:

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You are always full of surprises. We never know what you will be up to next, but one thing we can be sure of is that you will touch the heart of everyone you meet. You're the best Cindi. Hope you are feeling better. The story about the doctor really helps to restore my faith in people, but I do hope your next visit with him will be on a happier occasion..



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Oh my, oh my!!!!

Cindi, you do cause my heart to do a standstill from time to time. What was up with this asthma thing anyhow? If I were there I would properly scold you for messing around with it far TOO long before addressing it.

Now, that said, I am SO happy to hear you are feeling better AND that the hospital experience was such a good one. You certainly DO deserve any the good things that happen to come your way...not enough of thenm is you ask me!!!!

PLEASE take proper care, Miss Cindi. Hope your doc connection gets you introduced to a few nice folks in the area. Glad you scared your computer into cooperating a little better. Threat of geeks seems to do it :lol: !

Now behave and be smart,

Love you, you know,


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Damn...I wondered where you were hiding and why.:( So sorry to hear about the breathing problems, but man...sounds like you came away from it with a new friend! What a nice thing to happen, huh? Is your new home in a small town? (Forgive my not remembering... :roll: )

Whatever the case, this sounds like a great friend to have, Cindi. Encourage the friendship.

Hope you're breathing a lot easier now. I'll be back on prednisone myself tomorrow....have been OFF Decadron since Monday (the oral stuff) and just getting 8 mgs. infused w/ chemo. Am already sleeping TONS better. Only got up twice last night and slept in till 8: this morning. Huzzah!!!!!!!

Hope you'r perking along too, Miss Cin. You gonna open up that pub any time soon? Miss Pat and I have a date with a bottle of something today. That and a bowl of frosting...and I'll be good for a week....how about YOU, Pat? :wink:

(Really glad you're back among us, Cindi!)

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I have to agree with J.C. on this one. I think this young doc has heard via the grapevine about what absolutely fabulous drinks you make at the pub and wants you to be the official bartender for the next bonfire!!! Wow, Cindi...you not only got the yound doc's phone number but also his wife's number!! Girl...you rate!!!

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