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The Aging Hippie on the Beach


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Okay, here's the second strange character Mark and I met on the Monterey trip.

We drive down teh coast and find a state park/beach that requires some hiking to get doen to. This is good, because there aren't a lot of people there. Like everyone else there, we find a secluded little cove and park our behinds in the sand to watch the waves crash on the shore.

I get up to run into the water and out of nowhere appears a guy who hasn't changed his hairstyle or clothes since 1970. But he's got a nice doggie friend with him, so I figure he's okay. He asks for a spare cigarette and I send him over to where Mark's sitting. (Mark still smokes, but not near me.)

The guy and the dog flop down beside Mark and I offer them bottled water. The dog drinks from water poured into my cupped hand. Then I go back to the waves so they can smoke.

About five minutes later I look back and they guy is still there. "Well, that's nice," I think, "Mark must be enjoying his company."

Another five minutes goes by. Hmmmm. Mark no longer looks like he's enjoying the guy's company. I start to get paranoid. There's hardly anyone on the beach. No one but me can see where Mark is sitting. What if this guy is going to try to steal his wallet or knife him or something! :shock:

Before I can walk over toward them, Mark is on his feet, waving so long to the guy. Hippie and dog litter the beach with the now empty water bottle and move on down the shore to the next people.

"Omigod," Mark whispers, "that guy was getting really strange! I started to wonder if he was going to try to steal my wallet or knife me or something!" (We've been together too long!)

Turns out the guy was doing all the talking, rambling on about how he used to be a famous artist in Hawaii, how he just got out of prison on parole, how he knows a great nude beach we could all go to, and would "your wife" like a foot massage? That's when Mark said, "Hey, man. We gotta go now. See ya!"

We stayed a little while longer, watching the waves and the aging hippie and his friendly dog making their way from one little group of people to the next all the way to the end of the beach.

Good night and good luck to you, foot-massaging, nude-beach loving guy and your dog, wherever you are now! By the way, I do know this single lady in Carmel who might like a foot massage... 8)


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