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Birthday Wishes to Patkid and Addie


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I knew there was a reason I couldn't sleep, aside from that long and lazy nap Bill and I took together this afternoon...it was so that I could be the first to send out this big and grand HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU BOTH to Pat and Addie...and all the others celebrating today!

According to my clock here in Cincinnati, it is now Wednesday, September 21st at 12:01 a.m. Let the party begin!

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Addie and Pat,

Wishing birthday happiness and joy to two terrific ladies. Addie and Pat, you both deserve wonderful things. If birthday wishes made for both of you could come true, you would be trouble free without cause for concern.

Well, may today be a reprieve from worry and anxiety. We celebrate you two. What gifts you both are to all of us. Thank you for sharing with us.



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Thank you all for the good wishes. And since Jorja called us "girls"....I don't imagine ANY gift is gonna be better than that! :wink:8)

Actually...I had a mini shopping spree yesterday and picked up a hooded lightweight chenille sweater. A pullover in pale pink. Turns out it's IDEAL for a bald headed woman that has severe chemo hot flashes. Hot...take the hood off. Cold...put it up AND the bonus is it keeps the back of my neck warm too. 8)

So...hubby is taking me back to the store today for one or two more of these sweaters in different colors. I may just have "discovered" an alternative to wigs, scarves and baseball caps! :D

Missy Pat...where are you? Hiding in the kitchen eating a big hunk of cake for breakfast? :roll: I had me a Little Debby cupcake and a banana...and I posted somewhere else...but am taking a sheet cake in to chemo today that will say, "It's my party, I'll come bald if I want to!" on it. :lol: Might as well have fun....huh? The nurses would expect no less from me, I'm sure. I'll also wear my Sh*t Fairy pin today, giving just a passing nod to the reason we're all there in the oncologist's office!

Those are my plans. Come on Pat...spill the beans. What are YOU doing today to celebrate being younger than me? :wink:

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HAPPY HAPPY to you both, Addie-girl and Pat!!!!

Addie has told on herself and admits to scarfing down a little debbie cupcake before the day was even ripe! Where, oh where, is Pat? Perhaps Brian has her occupied and is giving her his own birthday gift.

Come to the party when you can. Addie already has her birthday cone-hat on and is holding yours.

You both are terrific!


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My cable modem caused me a few problems today.

And, though I just don't understand it, Textron would like me to put in some work time even it is my birthday!! silly textron.

Anyway, My name is Pat, I am sober and I am glad to be here!!!!! (Oops, wrong meeting.) :lol:

Each of my sons has called. The mail person stuffed our mailbox with cards from far and wide. I got a group gift from my sister and brothers via special delivery. We have church tonight and I was going to bake cupcakes, but will be buying them, since I have used my time 'off line' to snuggle w/ Brian.

He gave me a lovely necklace, and wrote me a very loving card.

Then I come on here and see these awesome greetings.

I feel so blessed.

.......... and to find a birthday twin in Addie!!!


I had a case of 'I can't sleep' last night, and got on the computer (before the cable went down..at O dark thirty) and there was email from a special, loving friend who always makes me feel absolutly treasured. There is no feeling like that.

We are having a large family dinner Saturday and Brian feels well enough to be looking forward to it.

I will get grandkid hugs...........

I tell you, I am tickled pink.....like your sweater, Addie. I am sure it is warm as you are.

I love all of you.

I would be lost without your encouragement and support.

happy birthday to us and in the words of Alice in Wonderland: "A very merry un~birthday to you"!!!



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