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If insurance pays for your Tarceva, what's your copay like?


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Genentech is still giving it to me free while we appeal Blue Cross's decision not to pay. But, I read that insurance companies put Tarceva in their highest co-pay bracket. I read one woman has to pay $450 a month! I can't afford that - even if it's a small price compared to the $2500 retail.

The gal at Genentech says she doesn't think Blue Cross can charge me more than the $20 which is the highest Rx copay on our policy. It's making me a little scared that getting the insurance to pay may actually cause more problems! :roll:


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Leslie: my copay was 30% for blue cross blue/shield federal employees basic plan. I had a secondary plan which absorbed much of the 30% copay. I never used tarceva.

I had heard that it can be much cheaper if you order your chemo drugs by the mail. I have not looked into this, but a person with blue cross/blue shield federal employees standard plan said she had a copay of 20 bucks for all her chemo drugs by doing the mail order thing. If I ever have to do chemo again, I will look into it. If your plan consents to the tarceva, maybe you should see if you can get it cheaper by doing the mail order thing.

Don M

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Guest Lensiedel


We had Blue Cross, but had already hit the out-of-pocket maximum, so it cost us nothing. Otherwise it would have been a $14 copay, just like all the other scrips. Good luck!


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I just started tarceva and have BCBS. We pay $25.00 a month for the med ...that's through our local pharmacy. My Dr said to be sure the insurance covers it before I filled the script. When I checked with my pharmacy they weren't sure either...they checked with BCBS and like I said $25.00 - they told me that the cost is $2600.00 without insurance paying !!!

Thank God for insurance !!

Good luck.


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