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Need some encouragement

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We received the results of the CT scan and it is not good news. Not only is the taxol/carboplatin not working, the cancer has spread to the other lung. How is it possible to not have anything in one lung, and then two months later have a mass that is 2 1/2 centimeters??? Also, the oncologist put my husband on blood thinner (injections and pills) due to blood clots (pulmonary embolism I believe he said). How normal is this to happen???? My husband Bill is so discouraged and so am I. It seems the last two months of chemo have done nothing. So now we are going to repeat CT scans to the abdomen to check further spread, MRI to check the brain mets, and bone scans to check the bone mets. Can anyone offer any advice or encouragement? We are sitting here stunned, angry and depressed today.

Thanks for any help,


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Peg I am sorry to hear about the set back. I agree though it makes me in awe how fast something like this can go from being ok to out of control. I felt the same way once my dad who went on yearly - even sometimes semi annual check ups as a cancer survivor so how could he be dx at stage IV?? it is amazing. But i guess it is not for us to understand. I feel for you and your husband right now! Are they switching his chemo cocktail?

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Dear Peg,

I have no answers. I just have empathy. This must be a very sad day. But do not, absolutely do not, give up hope. The doctors will do their best, research is on going and sometimes God just intercedes.

You and your husband will be in my prayers. You need a hug (((((HUG))))).

I typo'd jug instead of hug, and maybe today a jug of fine wine may be just what you need.

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Hi Peg,

Just wanted you to know that I'm praying for your and husband. I know what you are going through, we had very similar news on Friday. We found out that Carbo/Taxol and radiation did nothing for my dad, and the cancer actually grew extensively and spread to the other lung, bones, and adrenal glands. Dad also has significant blood clotting in his legs that we are keeping an eye on (he is taking Cumadin (sp?).

It's very frustrating to think that all of that treatment did absolutely nothing. But, each person responds to chemo differently and it may be a matter of finding the right "cocktail" for him. Keep the faith! That's what I keep telling myself.

Please keep me posted on the next steps for your husband. They started my Dad on Navelbine on Monday. Hopefully we will have some success this time.

Take care,


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Guest DaveG


Everyone of us here are rooting for you and your husband. If we are LC survivros, we are all at different stages, but have been through some rough times ourselves. We understand quite well the frustrations and heart aches this disease has. Those of us with LC have been there and done that. We hate lung cancer and what it has done to most of us, however, it does present its opportunities as well. Without lung cancer I would not have gotten to know the BEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, because that's what everybody here are - THE BEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD.

You are not alone, many are with you. Our hearts, our prayers, our hope, our faith, and most importantly - OUR LOVE - goes out to you and your husband.

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All I can say to you is "It's not OVER until it's over!".

When Mike had his reoccurence with a new mets to brain....I felt like "oh, no...this is it."

The doctor even said "Well - I hope to get you a couple of months with palliative chemo."

Well - that was December 3rd...Mike is back to driving his car, going for walks at the mall, going out to eat, going to church. We are well on our way to 4 months. Look at Mike in the picture to the left. That was taken on March 1. Almost 3 months to the day the doctor told him he had 2 months to live. What do they know???

The doctor's generally won't give up until you call it. There is ALWAYS something they can try as long as the body can withstand it and the spirit is willing.

Don't give up...don't give in until your husband is ready.

Love and hugs,

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