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Side Effects


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My mom had her first chemo treatment over a week ago and it doesnt appear as if she is suffering from any side effects yet. She has some slight nausea, and she was running a fever yesterday but that is it. Her appetite is def. not diminished. When do the more severe side effects usually start? Also, what can we expect when radiation starts? Thanks Guys!

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Glad to hear your Mom's first treatment went so well. In my case the effects didn't come right away either. I think after the second treatment it started. I also had radiation at the same time. The radiation treatment I think is cumulative. Towards the end you feel the effects (at least with me). Everyone is different with these treatments. Make sure Mom drinks alot of fluid to flush out the Chemo from her kidneys as it's hard on the kidneys. And try to see that she eats and sleeps well. Please keep us posted. (Hugs to you)


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You know, she may not have any major side effects. A lot of people don't have nasty side effects. I didn't! And I had both radiation and chemo at the same time. So, maybe you need to take a deep breath and just see what happens, instead of looking for things. Things might not appear! :D

Sounds to me like she is doing well, and all the normal things appear to be happening.

How about you take a few minutes and just go browse the board a little. You'll find so many past posts that will help you out and give you some insight to what might or might NOT happen.

I can totally understand your concern, but lets just hope and pray she goes through here treatments with flying colors. It CAN HAPPEN!

Best wishes.

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My dad didn't really experience major side effects but did lose his appetite during chemo. My dad also drank a lot of ENSURE. Radiation was hard for my dad. He wasn't able to eat or drink anything. He had to have an IV put in because he was deydrated but this is normal. About 3 months later he developed radiation pneumonitis (shortness of breath) and this was really scary but with antibiotics he came out of it. Just ask your mom's onc. of things to expect...

Keep us posted.


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Tell her to just hang in and pay attention to what she is feeling. I haven't really had side effects from chemo or radiation, even when I had both at the same time. I had fatigue, but manageable, and have been able to hold down my FT job since I was diagnosed almost 16 months ago. The chemo didn't cause me to lose my hair either, but the PCI did. The only time I've really been sick was when I had a gallstone and stopped up bile duct, and until that was fixed for good, I did NOT feel good.

Not everyone experiences side effects and not everyone who does has the same things. If she just pays attention to what she feels, maybe even writing it down, it may help her to understand how it relates to her particular schedule of chemo so that she can be prepared for each round as it comes up.

Tell her to keep her chin up! Hope she continues to do well.


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Side effects vary by person. I had 6 rounds of chemo (cisplatin and VP-16). Mostly fatigue after the 3rd day of chemo. Now I'm in radiation and feel pretty good, but today I feel a little tired. I gained weight during the chemo, but lost it after the fluids (water weight) went away. Appetite was so-so during chemo and then picked up. Now that I'm done with chemo, I'm the same weight I was before.

Keep praying and take it easy.


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