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In need of the Frustrated Fir Tree pass


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We are headed west to Oregon on Tuesday for a week...explaining the Fir Tree part of my requested hall pass.

My inlaws are part of why we are making this trip and both of them have been sick with some respiratory junk FOR A MONTH NOW :? and are still sick! Of course they haven't been to the doctor because, as MIL informed me, "They won't give you anything unless you have a fever!"...so they've been relying on cough syrup to fix them. Did I mention she hacked her way thru the whole conversation?

Dang! :?

That explains the Frustrated part, I presume. :roll:

If they are not healthy by the time we expect to go down to see them...then hubby will go, and I'll stay up north. It's not worth it to me to expose myself to I-don't-know-what in stereo...and they've known for a while that we were coming. Go figure.

So...Ry...if you don't mind, the Frustrated Fir Tree ought to do me just fine. Thanks.

I'll miss y'all. Don't think I'll have internet access while out there....but just make sure nobody gets too comfy in my barstool at the pub, because as Arnold says, "I vill be bach!!"

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Hi Addie, wishes for a safe trip. I hope you can enjoy yourself. For sure don't get exposed to anything. My son had a cold and I came down with it the first day of my one and only cruise - mine went into pneumonia. I spent a fair amount of time (and money) with the ship's doc.

Just take care of yourself and have a relaxing time.


Nancy B

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Have a safe trip, enjoy yourself and keep yourself bug free. The last thing you need is some of those little germs invading your system! I can promise you - one craft nut to another - that I vow to protect your stool at the pub and not allow any stranger's butt to occupy your stool.

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