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Thank you so much for thinking of me.

Thank you to *everyone* who responded to my 'news'.

I started back at work today.. he will be gone 2 weeks on Wednesday.

Still in a state of emotional inertia. Cannot sleep more than 4 hours even with meds, stomach acting up, typical stuff. It will pass.. I know.

My mother was here over the weekend she was more fabulous with me than I ever thought she could be.

My sister sent me a card that was just so perfect:

No one else can comprehend

the sadness in your heart...

You knew this man completely-

others only knew in part.

Yet love and hope remain

as bright as they have always been-

a light of strength and courage

shines, as always, deep within.

The amazing outpouring of caring from ppl has just been incredible. Not unsurprisingly, very little has come from his own family... save his father.

I was referred to today as a 'widow' for the first time. Sent quite a chill up my spine.

Will write more as I have time. Right now, I am gone 11 hours a day for work (Mon-Fri).

I appreciate each and every one of you who reads these lines.

You have brought me solace when no one else could listen... a true gift.

Hugs, lots of 'em.

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I have been thinking of you also, and glad you are coping. At least work seems to keep you very busy and that is good for your soul.

Take care and please come back anytime. Let us know your feelings. We are always her for you.

Peace be with you.


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I'm glad you're managing to keep yourself busy. That somehow helps to keep your mind occupied, even if for short periods of time. It's good that you have friends that have been so helpful and caring. That's really important and will help you through this grief. I can so relate to being called a "widow" for the first time. This word really took its toll on me when I had to check that box when doing my taxes. It's somehow such a cold word. Praying that you will find peace with each passing day!

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